“It’s not happiness that makes us grateful but gratefulness that makes us happy.” – Br. David Steindl Rast

Cracks in the Buddha

By Carl | February 24, 2014

I recently heard Tara Brach tell a story about a statue of the Buddha in Southeast Asia. It was a large, clay statue that had survived for thousands of years and was beloved by the local community. One day, a group of monks was attempting to fix one of the many cracks that had emerged…

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Impermanence Strikes Again + Vulnerable, Tender Hearts

By Erin | February 17, 2014

Yesterday I received a text from a dear friend telling me she’d rolled her car twice in a freaky-weather accident. Fortunately she and her fiancé are alive, and while banged up, will heal. I shared this story with my Women Embodied group on Tuesday as my dear friend is one of our circle, and as I…

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A Good Foundation, Not Knowing, and Be Kind Anyway

By Carl | February 10, 2014

On the last day before entering this new lunar year of the Wood Horse, I had one of those days where the universe was sending clear messages, through different channels, all centering around the theme of judgment. The first was an email from Russell Delman, where he was describing his time working with Mother Theresa,…

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What Our Hearts Can Do + An Exciting Announcement

By Erin | February 4, 2014

I notice a sense of excitement as I begin to type…. there’s so much I’m delighted to share with you. But first, I’m going to tune in, sense the ground under my feet and the chair under my pelvis, open to hearing sounds around me (mostly the whirr of my space heater and the clicking…

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Growing our Kindness – Pulled Toward the Heart of the World

By Carl | January 27, 2014

I am enjoying the slow digestion and integration from a week with Russell Delman in Northern California. It feels like perfect timing for reflection as we near the end of this year of the Snake and head into the Green Wood Horse Year on Friday. I always resonate more with the timing of the Chinese…

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Do You Have Time for Life? The moment opens …. want to step in?

By Erin | January 20, 2014

As you read this, we’re on our way to Northern California for a week of training with Russell Delman – the start of the 3rd year of our 3-year Embodied Life Mentorship with him. We’re so excited for another opportunity to delve into this work with a wonderful group of people, and to learn more…

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Hola from Finca Mia and Inner Space

By Carl | January 13, 2014

Beunos dias, As sit at the laptop, overlooking the valley of unimaginable green, I hear the sound of the Rio Talari below me and countless birdsongs from every direction- I’ve seen at least 5 new kinds of birds everyday… We are almost to the end of our our Begin Again retreat at Finca Mia in…

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The One Thing We Must Learn + Happy New Year!

By Erin | January 6, 2014

Warmest wishes for a wonderful new year. A new moon, a new year, a new beginning…. I love that die-hard gardeners, in the midst of deep dark winter at this time of year, start poring over seed catalogs and images of colorful, beautiful life… planning and ordering seeds for the next season’s garden. I love…

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What Your Body Knows + Happy New Year!

By Erin | January 1, 2014

A note from Erin: Happy New Year! I’m inspired to share a favorite quote from Zen teacher Cheri Huber, in case the well-intentioned but oft-misguided “inner fixer” is having its way with you this New Year’s…. “Self-hatred uses self-improvement as self-maintenance.” Isn’t it true? May whatever life-enhancing changes you are longing for unfold with vast…

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Setting the Ten-Thousand Things Down + So Much Loving

By Carl | December 30, 2013

Joseph Campbell used to invite people to find some time in each day where you can forget who you are, who your family is, the successes and failures of your personal history… What remains if we give ourselves a few moments to forget all of that? I had the good fortune, (and the great support…

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Resting in the Mess

By Erin | December 23, 2013

Warm greetings! My beloved Carl is in the midst of a silent week-long meditation retreat with one of our teachers, Reggie Ray, in the still and spacious environment of Crestone, Colorado. Carl and I sometimes joke that we share a brain, and certainly share consciousness, and it’s been so wonderful to have a part of…

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From Fear to Love – What Does Your Shoulder Tension Have to Do With It?

By Carl | December 15, 2013

Recently Erin and I were reflecting on a line from Rumi: “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” -Rumi Could you take that one in slowly? (that’s Erin’s hand with some of her finds from a walk…

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The Glowing Embers of the Good + Embodied Gratitude

By Erin | December 9, 2013

Our newsletter took a little holiday on Thanksgiving last week. If your inbox looked anything like mine, filled to the max with black-Friday and cyber-Monday deals, I bet you didn’t miss us. :) We had a great holiday at my parents’ home in Woodland with family from near and far. Though the nationally sanctioned day…

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Digital Sabbath and What the Spirit Reaches For…

By Carl | November 25, 2013

First, a little Mary Oliver to begin with on a rainy Thursday morning… I Have Decided I have decided to find myself a home in the mountains, somewhere high up where one learns to live peacefully in cold and silence. It’s said that in such a place, certain revelations can be discovered. That what the…

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Women Embodied, Our 2014 Schedule and a Lovely Poem

By Erin | November 19, 2013

Lots of exciting stuff is brewing around here and I’m excited to share some of it with you. First – I opened registration for my Women Embodied in-person course a few days ago and already it’s more than half full with amazing women. Wahoo! I’m so delighted! Email me if you’d like to join us…

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Movement of Self-Compassion, Everywhere Heart, and Guess Who Turned 40?

By Carl | November 11, 2013

We enjoyed a wonderful celebration of Erin’s 40th birthday yesterday. It was done in a classic, quiet, deeply satisfying Erin style…some good juicy new books to read on the couch, some candle lit time when Erin wrote notes expressing the great gratitude to the people in her life, and just some good old reflecting, celebrating…

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How Are You Weird?

By Erin | November 4, 2013

While I was away last week I got to dive into a great book, Fate and Destiny by Michael Meade. It’s a fun read for me as I so often read books from the Eastern traditions – and this is full of Western myths and Meade’s colorful and inspiring commentary. I wonder why I’m craving…

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The Quiet Immensity of Your Own Presence

By Carl | October 28, 2013

Just to the end of a solo dad week here while Erin had the chance to do a week long retreat with one of her mentors, Donna Farhi, in Seattle. The newsletter is a bit late, the dishes are not done, and I have a huge amount of respect for all the single moms and…

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Your Lovely Bones

By Erin | October 21, 2013

First things first. As you’re reading this, could you make yourself maybe 10% more comfortable? Could your eyes soften a bit to include peripheral vision? (And doesn’t your neck like that?) Could you release unnecessary effort in your jaw? Release some effort in your back? Let your bones hold you a bit more? Ahh…. there.…

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May I Have the Courage Today…

By Erin | October 15, 2013

I’m sitting at my orange desk on this chilly morning, sipping hot water (I’m not a purist – I already had 2 coffees :) ) and listening to a cd of Tibetan Bowls I just got from Sounds True. Can I share with you a little bit about my incredible weekend? So full of gratitude.…

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No Villians and No Victims

By Carl | October 7, 2013

Just taking a moment as I sit down at the computer to feel the support of the chair under my butt, the weight of my two feet on the ground. Sounds simple, like some part of my mind could say “Oh, yes, I know that, support of the earth, I learned that years ago…” Yet…

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A Sinking Ship, A Precious Occurence, and A Free Download for You

By Erin | September 30, 2013

I’m sitting on our porch, bundled up with a vest and scarf, a stack of poetry books, and a pot of green tea. Lovely way to start a fall day. :) I had such an awesome weekend at Snowbird over the equinox with a fantastic group of women. I feel so deeply grateful to do…

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Hot Off The Press

By Carl | September 24, 2013

We had a wonderful visit and retreat over the weekend with a great group of 30 people and Russell Delman, who expressed his sincere appreciation for our community here in Salt Lake City. We do have an awesome village here, don’t we? One of the themes from the weekend that is alive for me this…

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The Power of Gratitude

By Erin | September 16, 2013

Here in Salt Lake, the heat of the summer has released its grip and we’re enjoying a blustery morning of rain showers. This morning I’m feeling grateful, and inspired by gratitude itself. Meister Eckhart is quoted as saying, “If the only prayer you said in your whole life was thank you, that would suffice.” Brother…

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Three Things Your Must Do + Greetings From Cape Cod

By Erin | September 9, 2013

I’m sitting in a white rocking chair under an oak tree, full of a rotating cast of East-coast birds. Just a few blocks from the beach, I can feel the sea in the breeze, see it in the particular light on the clouds. We’re enjoying our annual pilgrimage to Cape Cod, visiting Carl’s mom, and…

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Beautiful Book-Eating Pond

By Carl | September 3, 2013

To begin with, a stanza from a Mary Oliver Poem, The Return: Rumi the poet was a scholar also, But Shams, his friend, was an angel. By which I don’t mean anything patient and sweet, When I read how he took Rumi’s books and threw them into the duck pond, I shouted for joy. Time…

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The Half Life, First Day of School, and How to Become More Kind

By Carl | August 26, 2013

Around here we’re celebrating the first day of school! Like all moments, this one has so much going on in the inner-life: the sweet blend of pride, concern and excitement, the amazement of how quiet and still our house feels this morning, a deep wish for him to be happy, to grow and unfold into…

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Hello, Sweetheart.

By Erin | August 19, 2013

A note from Erin: I snuck out of the house early this morning and headed to one of my favorite trails for a hike. Glad I had a scarf in my car as it was blessedly chilly in the canyon! I’m back home now, deeply refreshed after an early morning hike and a meditation practice…

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The Elephant, the Vagus Nerve, and the Cheapest Room In The House

By Carl | August 9, 2013

A note from Carl                                   Greetings, Doesn’t Bonzey look comfortable receiving the support of the ground? How do you experience the support from the earth in this moment? I always appreciate when topics are alive in the field. In…

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Waking Up With A Gasp

By Erin | August 7, 2013

I just returned from a wonderful trip to Asheville, NC, where I got to spend a few days with dear friends, with my business coach and with 150 amazing people who are stepping up to change the world with their work. That was fun! :) Here’s me and my coach. I’m feeling super inspired, and…

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