Less Effort, More Pleasure & The Importance of Slowing Down

Hi friends! We had such a wonderful time at our weekend workshop on walking & posture through a Feldenkrais-lens. I’m inspired to share some basics with you because this work, while in some ways deceptively simple, is, in fact, radical, transformative, profound. One question we ask students (and ourselves) during movement lessons (and then the rest…

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On Movement Culture + a Weekend Immersion in March!

Meet Carl Rabke

A note from Carl: Recently, several clients have been asking me about exercise. They resonate with what they have learned through the Feldenkrais pedagogy – they no longer want to just push and crank on themselves, but also they also want to grow stronger, and be agile, and keep their bone density with aging. “Should I do yoga? Should…

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So Many Reasons! (Abs of steel is not on the list.)

Embodying The Masculine 2016

A note from Erin: As we prepare to begin our Fifteen Favorite Feldy Lessons online course on Monday, I wanted to share some more ideas about why this work is so timely and important. While many Feldenkrais professionals may have very different ideas about this than I do, I’d love to share from my heart why it matters…

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More Important Than You Think: Ease & Grace

A note from Carl: Greetings Friends, As we are so excited today to open registration for our home study series “Fifteen Favorite Feldy Lessons,” I wanted to share a great story we heard from one of our early Feldenkrais teachers. During the last training Moshe Feldenkrais taught in Amherst, MA, in the early 1980s, he had a stroke.…

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From Chronic Pain To Parkour and A Free Lesson

A note from Carl: Greetings. Before I begin, I wanted to remind you that Erin has recently created two free offerings that are incredibly valuable and beneficial. “Some Things to Do When You Can’t Sleep” (here), and “Women Embodied Free Taster Course.” (Access here for a limited time.)  Feel free to share them with anyone who might benefit from them.…

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