No Place I’d Rather Be

A note from Carl:   Hello, friend, I hope this finds you well.   I’m wondering as you are reading this if you might pause and open attention downward to include the felt connection with the ground underneath you. The direct sensations of your feet, your pelvis, maybe your back – wherever you are in…

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Unlearning Normal to Find Natural

A note from Carl: Yesterday, a client was describing her experience in the natural movement and functional fitness class that I began last week. She said “The word that kept coming up for me throughout the whole class was ‘unlearning.‘” I reflected on how essential this observation was to how and what Erin and I teach and what we…

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Less Effort, More Pleasure & The Importance of Slowing Down

Hi friends! We had such a wonderful time at our weekend workshop on walking & posture through a Feldenkrais-lens. I’m inspired to share some basics with you because this work, while in some ways deceptively simple, is, in fact, radical, transformative, and deeply profound. One question we ask students (and ourselves) during movement lessons (and…

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On Movement Culture + a Weekend Immersion in March!

Meet Carl Rabke

A note from Carl: Recently, several clients have been asking me about exercise. They resonate with what they have learned through the Feldenkrais pedagogy – they no longer want to just push and crank on themselves, but also they also want to grow stronger, and be agile, and keep their bone density with aging. “Should I do yoga? Should…

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So Many Reasons! (Abs of steel is not on the list.)

Embodying The Masculine 2016

A note from Erin: As we prepare to begin our Fifteen Favorite Feldy Lessons online course on Monday, I wanted to share some more ideas about why this work is so timely and important. While many Feldenkrais professionals may have very different ideas about this than I do, I’d love to share from my heart why it matters…

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