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January 5, 2019 1-5:30

January 19-21, 2019

From Despair to Joy

From Despair to Joy

Over Martin Luther King Jr. weekend, January 19-21, 2019, we’ll gather to make our way through the healing spiral of The Work That Reconnects with embodied practices and community support. 

The Great Turning towards a just and life-sustaining world is happening.

Come unleash your passion, creativity, and vitality!
This retreat will explore the intersectionality of current events and empower us to do what is ours to do for the healing of our world, our ancestors and future generations.

Welcome to Empelvised Embellied Empowered:
A Women Embodied Specialized Course

Friends, I'm SO excited to invite you to this beautiful and powerful immersion  in one of my very favorite realms of embodied exploration!

What is it?

My powerful Women Embodied special focus course called: EmpelvisedEmbellied, Empowered

You're invited to join me and engage in an ongoing apprenticeship with your own wise body-mind, especially the rrrrrrich territory of your belly & pelvis & hara.  I want to invite you into a non-objectified, profoundly respectful, and deeply rewarding relationship with your body. A relationship in which this living, pulsing, shivering, deeply feeling bod is treasured as the sensitive instrument through which you get to experience life. What a miracle! In some sense, it is your physical self. And I SO wish for you to love it, marvel at it, relish inhabiting it and moving it with pleasure -  which is another way to say I want you to love your life through your body. Specifically through your own belly and pelvis. Oh yes! This relationship is possible and it’s wonder-full. Growing embodied presence (and in particular, what I call "empelvised, embellied, empowered" presence) is an absolute game-changer.