From Despair to Joy

From Despair to Joy

Over Martin Luther King Jr. weekend, January 19-21, 2019, we’ll gather to make our way through the healing spiral of The Work That Reconnects with embodied practices and community support. 

The Great Turning towards a just and life-sustaining world is happening.

Come unleash your passion, creativity, and vitality!
This retreat will explore the intersectionality of current events and empower us to do what is ours to do for the healing of our world, our ancestors and future generations.

Friends, I’m thrilled to invite you to this year’s beautiful manifestation of the one-of-a-kind and once-a-year training program and women’s circle which is my great honor and pleasure to facilitate:

Women Embodied 2019: Widening Circles

Also known as WE.


We will be training to cultivate

  • embodied, courageous kindness toward our inner and outer lives,
  • a grounded, centered, flexible, upright, fully embodied presence,
  • a warm heart capable of courage, wholehearted participation, and vast tenderness,
  • a clear mind and reliable access to our vast, spacious awareness that can welcome it all,
  • new movement habits - reducing unnecessary effort and growing greater pleasure in the dailiness of being embodied
  • and a sense of joy, gratitude, and humor to sustain us through it all.