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Pay Attention. It’s Passing. Everything is a Gift. Nothing Lasts.

Hello, dear human being, reading these words, wherever you might be… Are you comfortable in your skin? Before you read, can I invite you to take 30 seconds to feel your whole self, notice any tiny shifts you could make that might increase pleasure and decrease tension? Toes, neck, face, hands, shoulders, belly, posture? How about…

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Ten Delights + Breathing Out Blessings + Two Offerings

A note from Erin:  It’s hard to know what to write these days when there are kids in cages, families experiencing such unimaginable tragedy. And when it’s so tempting to numb out because it’s all just so heavy and too much to take. Yesterday’s announcement about Trump planning to roll back the Endangered Species act just slayed me.…

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The Flight of a Finch Feather

A note from Carl: On Monday morning, Erin and I were sitting together on bench in front of our house, deeply enjoying a cup of coffee. It was the first sunny morning after days of rain, and as the light was beaming in over the top of the Wasatch mountains, a tiny yellow finch feather…

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Keeping the Appointment & Farewell to Mary Oliver

A note from Carl: I had just finished writing today’s email about Mary Oliver, and was about to hit send when I saw the news that she died today at 83. My heart is raw with appreciation and loss. What a gift her life brought to the world… I love the story of an interviewer asking Mary Oliver how she…

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Leaning on Rilke; Farewell, Praise & Good Questions

A note from Erin: Hello friends! I’m sitting here at my desk, reveling in the extra-jubilant bird song that’s happening just outside my window this morning. I think the sparrows, finches, chickadees, and starlings are celebrating the return of the light, as am I, even though it’s a muted gray-sky day. The return of the…

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