“It’s not happiness that makes us grateful but gratefulness that makes us happy.” – Br. David Steindl Rast

I've been receiving individual functional integration sessions from Erin for the past 3 years. This work, translated through Erin's sensitive and supportive touch, has been a fundamental part of my growing ability to ground my body to the earth, organize my movements more effectively, and reduce the pain of overuse. I feel fortunate to be able to take advantage of her work, guidance, and non-judgmental presence.

Alan Fogel
Author of Body Sense
Rosen Method Bodywork Practitioner





Erin and Carl Rabke are two of the most awake, compassionate, and embodied practitioners I have worked with. Both of them bring inspiration, subtlety and exquisite nuance to their instruction. They are deeply in touch with their audience and I would entrust anyone to their reliable hands.

Diane Musho Hamilton




Carl and Erin's teaching style is gentle, yet displays a deep understanding of the body and of methods for working with it. From conversations with participants, I had the sense that many carried away a new and more subtle awareness of the spaces within and how to open to them.

Michael Zimmerman






I have known Erin and Carl for about twelve years
as students, friends and colleagues. They integrate
deep somatic understanding with their devoted
meditation practice in ways that are very helpful
for both very experienced and novice meditators.
Speaking as the founder of The Embodied Life
School, with more than 45 years of experience as a
Feldenkrais teacher and a nearly 50-year practice
of Zen meditation, I can wholeheartedly
recommend their teachings. I can also attest to
their integrity as both teachers and human beings.

Russell Delman, Feldenkrais Trainer and founder of the Embodied Life School





Erin and Carl Rabke are refreshingly genuine,
deeply skillful, and grounded in their beings.
They invite us into the wild mysteries of
incarnation-of being in our sensual, animal
body with attention, care, and warmth, while
coaxing us, ever-so gently, outward into the
world. Their lives are devoted to soul, family,
community, and the repair of this beautiful,
struggling world, for which they carry an
immense affection. I highly encourage
everyone to discover the gifts carried by these
two thoughtful, loving humans.




Carl creates a friendly and sacred space where the functional, playful, natural, and sublime intersect.
He shares various potent yet accessible somatic practices with an animist lens, inviting you to study and awaken the terrain of your own body while also taking your rightful place in relationship with an alive world.
Carl’s classes assert our (as humans) innate blueprint for ease in movement. He offers a way back to this ease that’s fun, functionally responsible, stress-relieving, and community building. He then helps us remember what’s most important by addressing our embodied humanness in entirety, weaving in beautiful readings and teachings on longing, emotion, lineage, and our relationships with the wild and each other.
Carl teaches with humor, confidence, respect, and love. His mastery of many movement and

spiritual traditions is evident, and yet he seems to be continually learning along with his students, curious about our findings.

—Ruthie Fraser, Somatic Educator & Founder of Body Rewilding



When I found Carl I had been dealing with the residual pain from a hip injury for over a year. While I had received temporary pain relief from chiropractic visits, physical therapy, and regular massage nothing seemed to last. That all changed after finding Carl. Within two visits the recurring limping and fairly constant pain from my hip were gone and have not returned, although I have definitely returned to Carl for help with other chronic issues. I am constantly impressed with his deep academic knowledge of the body, his intuitive grasp of what will most benefit me during a particular session, and last but not least, his real belief that our bodies can remember how not to be in pain. I cannot recommend Carl's unique blend of Structural Integration, Feldenkrais, and massage therapy enough.

Corrinne Lewis, writer, Salt Lake City, UT

I began working with Erin to address chronic neck and shoulder pain. I had tried chiropractics, massage and physical therapy, but none of these “treatments” had a lasting effect. My first six sessions with Erin helped me reconnect with my body and its supportive structure. I began to experience my neck and shoulder as integrated parts of the whole, rather than uncomfortable appendages that I had to carry around. I learned to sense where I am holding tension, as well as ways to allow gravity to do its job so that I can do mine with greater ease and less effort. When I am not working directly with Erin, I continue to explore ways to integrate Feldenkrais into my daily life. This work is a process and an investment of self-compassion. It has absolutely shifted my perspective towards my body and pain.

Christina, Salt Lake City

The work which I did with Carl resulted in an awakening in my body that has allowed me to ride my bicycle pain free for the first time in 20 years.

Leslie -Doctor of Sports Medicine, Salt Lake City, UT

 Working 1:1 with Carl and Erin has given me a new relationship and connection with my body. After countless physical therapy home programs since the age of 9 to correct my posture, it has only been through Feldenkrais that I have discovered my limited body awareness and now I have begun to reconnect with myself. It has been an incredible journey, and Carl provides constant humor and insight throughout my practice. Feldenkrais affects all of my other branches of life and I am happy to be a more grounded person, providing my body with awareness, breath and alignment instead of judgement. I recommend Carl and Erin to everyone I know. It will change your life!

Denise Adams, Salt Lake City, UT

I went to see Erin for Feldenkrais after damaging my lower back in a car accident. The wounds had healed, but the deeper structural imbalances were still causing me a lot of pain, even after physical therapy and a lot of beneficial work with Yoga. I was seeing enough improvement after six weeks of general Feldenkrais classes to seek out a private, hands-on session.Erin’s comforting touch reassured my body and mind that my innate body wisdom was still there underneath all the fear and pain caused by my injuries. I woke up the day after our session with a new and wonderful way of walking: pain free.Erin had helped my mind reprogram itself to bring my body back into effortless rightness. I can’t say enough about the gratitude I feel toward Erin for the gracious way she applies her thoughtful and egoless expertise. She changed my life in the course of an hour, much for the better, and the results are still mine to enjoy.

Erin Menut,
Owner, Avenues Yoga

Thank you Carl.I've appreciated the existence of you and your practice over the past years as well.
The work that you facilitated was the fulcrum into a state of okayness, which became wellness, which became fitness, which is now pushing the boundaries of my own athleticism.
I cannot be more deeply and sincerely appreciative of your guidance on that path.

Hannah, Salt Lake City, UT

As a fellow body awareness professional, I have the utmost respect for the amazing work that Erin and Carl do. When my clients need some extensive and specialized therapy I happily refer them to Erin and Carl because I know that they will receive the utmost care from such knowledgeable and mindful somatic awareness professionals. Each time I personally receive treatment from either Carl or Erin, I learn so much about myself through their skillful approach to navigating the body toward complete ease and freedom. I simply can’t say enough good about these two.

Scott Moore, Salt Lake City, UT
Professional Yoga Teacher

My personal experience with Feldendrais lessons, and practicing some movements for about 20 minutes 5-6x a week, has benefited my body greatly. Most noticeable is the absence of daily pain and muscle tension in my back and shoulders, that I experienced before, from sitting at a computer for 5-6 hours each day.  And with my recent job change, which now requires that I am on my feet for about 8-9 hours each shift, I found a new pain in my low/mid back, which was quickly remedied with only a couple of lessons and more practice.I also find that the daily morning practice is like a meditation, or tuning in with my center,....which seems to lay a foundation that stays with me throughout the day. I feel much more peaceful and resilient on the days I practice movements in the morning.And an unexpected benefit I've experienced is when I do an unusual, not routine, very strenuous (for me) activity......like heavy yard work, or a yearly kayaking or backpacking or water-skiing activity, I hardly feel any strain or soreness in my muscles.Last week I water-skied for the first time in about 10 years which would normally result in feeling "crippled" for a few days, but I experienced absolutely no limitation or restriction of movement afterward and I only felt a very slight soreness to my shoulders...that I really only noticed when my husband tried rubbing my back.....amazing!  At age 54.....I am moving more like I did at 35!

Alane Fry McKenna, Salt Lake City

I have been blessed to have been students of Erin's and Carl's over the last twelve years. The first many years of that experience was as a yoga student and now, of late, as an opportunity to re-experience Feldenkrais. Their compassion, kindness, intelligence, extensive training and incredible talent as teachers has always drawn me into their circle. There are very few better as communicators. Listening to their words and following their very poetic cues enables access to entirely new sources of movement that flow like water. This work is so powerful and integrates so well in our daily lives and activities; all else becomes more easeful, efficient, unencumbered, joyful. Their ability to teach this work is equally profound and joyful and not to be missed.

Lise Fischer
Co-Owner of Streamline Pilates Teacher Training Program

I was introduced to Erin and the Feldenkrais Method by a wonderful and caring friend who wanted to help me get over some frustrating, chronic, and recurrent tendon injuries. I am an avid climber, skier, runner,and biker, and I work hard as a veterinarian. I needed help treat my body more kindly.Erin, with her great teaching skills, her gentle approach, her soothing voice, and her enthusiasm, is helping me find the path towards healing and towards preventing injuries and chronic pain. I feel like she presented to me the missing link to taking better care of my body.The increased body awareness has helped me feel better in my daily activities and complements my physical therapy exercises very well. It is just the beginning for me of a wonderful journey of improved understanding of my body, a more focused and open mind, and an increased coordination between the two.Not only are the sessions with her very beneficial and enjoyable, but Erin also sends regular insightful emails and I can conveniently download exercises to do at home. She is a great teacher and her passion is contagious. I am so happy I met her!

Magali Lequient, DVM

Along the years spent in SLC, I got the chance to experience Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement classes with Erin and Carl. I did a variety of session with different focus: Shoulder and Neck workshop, a retreat at Snowbird, and more. The most life altering experiences were a series of 10 classes working along the 10 sessions of Structural Integration and also the Empelvised, Embellied, Empowered classes for women which rippled joy throughout my pregnancy. Each of their classes helped me embody my Self further more. The awareness I gained from these sessions is cumulative and empowering. I still use some of the movements whenever I experience body discomfort.
I am a Kinesis Structural Integrator and constantly talk to my clients about the benefits of Feldenkrais. I like how accessible it is, easy and slow, and how it allows the nervous system to re-pattern (so much hope in that!)But not all instructors are alike. Erin and Carl are outstanding educators. I trust their skills, I trust their heart!

Ingrid Bregand, Salt Lake City, UT

Erin and Carl have given me the tools to live an active and pain free life! I have always been involved in sports, even moving to Utah for the abundant recreational activities.After my 40th birthday I experienced a succession of joint pains; first my hip, then a frozen right shoulder, then a frozen left shoulder. Erin and Carl employed gentle Feldenkrais techniques and provided me with body awareness education that relieved me of my pain and is also keeping my pain from recurring. Before coming to Erin and Carl, I tried steroid injections and conventional physical therapy, which did not work for me and I was discouraged by my therapist’s directive to give up running as a general exercise.Now thanks to Erin and Carl I enthusiastically pursue all my favorite activities (even running 5Ks!) as well as having the courage to try new activities such as surfing and rock climbing! I feel so fortunate that I met Erin at the right time in my life-although I truly believe that meeting her earlier may have given me the tools needed to prevent the pain in the first place!

Janine Langer, Salt Lake City, UT