Welcome to Body Happy - The Center for Embodied Living with Erin Geesaman Rabke and Carl Rabke

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Welcome to Body Happy With Erin Geesaman-Rabke and Carl Rabke

We are Carl and Erin.

We are Embodied Life Teachers, Feldenkrais practitioners, meditators, lovers of learning and of life.  We're also parents, writers, bookaholics, and somatics geeks who are totally in love with each other.

We are deeply devoted to waking up.

We offer workshops, retreats, in-person and online courses, and excellent private sessions in FeldenkraisEmbodied Life and Structural Integration. We also teach Embodied Meditation. We host rich conversations on waking up and being embodied with luminaries and teachers from many fields on our Embodiment Matters Podcast.

Ultimately, all of our work is about helping people learn to grow their embodied presence and their courageous kindness.

With unconditional warmth and with grounded, embodied presence, everything in life becomes less effortful, more pleasurable and totally workable. You not only heal injuries, pains, and unhelpful patterns in your body and your life, you become empowered to give your best to the world. And make no mistake—the world needs you at your best.

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“Erin and Carl Rabke are two of the most awake, compassionate, and embodied practitioners I have worked with. Both of them bring inspiration, subtlety and exquisite nuance to their instruction. They are deeply in touch with their audience and I would entrust anyone to their reliable hands.”

Diane Musho Hamilton, author of Everything is Workable and The Zen of You and Me

Leaning on Rilke; Farewell, Praise & Good Questions

11 Jan 2019

A note from Erin: Hello friends! I’m sitting here at my desk, reveling in the extra-jubilant bird song that’s happening just outside my window this morning. I think the sparrows, finches, chickadees, and starlings are celebrating the return of the light, as am I, even though it’s a muted gray-sky day. The return of the…

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Initiation, Ripening, and a Free Movement Lesson

11 Jan 2019

A note from Carl: A very Happy New Year to you! To begin with today, we’d like to offer you a guided Awareness Through Movement Lesson, Free Your Breathing, taught by Erin, from our 15 Favorite Feldy Lessons Series. After the holidays who couldn’t use a quiet half hour on the floor cultivating inner spaciousness and free breathing? We have…

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A Worthy Heart & A Few Reminders

29 Dec 2018

A note from Erin: I’m sitting on my red couch, sipping English Breakfast tea as snow falls outside the window. It’s quiet. We’ve just driven home from a family gathering which has been wonderful and wonderfully not quiet. Our boy is thrilled to be romping around with 3 younger cousins; we’ve enjoyed our traditional holiday meal of…

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