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Why Do Feldenkrais?

Why Do Feldenkrais? by Erin Geesaman Rabke Age gracefully I’m so inspired by my Feldenkrais teachers in their 80s. They continue to improve their movement habits even as they age – just as others their age seem to keep declining. Several years ago, one 80-year-old teacher of ours fell off his mountain bike and fractured his…

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On Slowing Down

A note from Erin: I had such a laugh when a dear friend told me how much this favorite quote I shared pissed her off a few years ago:   My yoga mentor Donna Farhi writes,”The degree to which you do not believe you have time to spend even ten minutes sitting quietly is the degree to which you desperately need to spend ten minutes sitting quietly.…

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Some Questions You Might Ask

A note from Erin: Good day, friends! May I offer some living questions? How might you make yourself a wee bit more comfortable right now? Is there some way you could make what you’re doing less effortful and more pleasurable? Are you feeling the support of the ground, this beautiful, living Earth under each of us,…

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Qualities of a Liberating Practice

A note from Carl: Dear friends, I am sitting with the laptop at our local Red Butte Garden Arboretum, surrounded by countless blossom smells and birdsongs. It’s so good to be alive!   Meditation teacher, Tara Brach, describes three fundamental qualities that she has witnessed in people who have unfolded and matured over years along a path–regardless of the…

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Love Yourself. Then Forget It. Then Love The World.

A note from Carl: Greetings from a beautiful morning in San Francisco. Erin and I arrived here yesterday, and begin our grief ritual facilitation training with Francis Weller this afternoon. We keep joking that this is our “grief date” as it is only the second weekend we have been away from our almost 9-year-old son. Really,…

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