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Embodiment: A Conversation With Mark Walsh.

Embodiment Matters Featuring Mark Walsh

In this conversation I speak with Mark Walsh. Mark is an embodiment teacher and trainer who has developed the Embodied Facilitator Program along with Embodied Yoga Principles. Mark also hosts the Embodiment Podcast and the online Embodiment Conference which will take place the fall of 2020. In our conversation, we speak about a wide range…

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On My Knees In Awe

A note from Erin:   Hello, beautiful human, 14 years ago, I flew home from our Feldenkrais training in Santa Fe to support a dear friend who was giving birth at home. The labor was more than 50 hours. She chose not to transfer to a hospital, bone-tired as she was. Along with her husband, I was honored to hold…

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Lay the Hammer Down

A note from Erin: Hello, beautiful human,   Have you ever played the game “Whack-a-Mole?” I loved it when I was a kid – to stand there with a giant mallet – every time a mechanical mole stuck its head out of a hole, the aim was to whack it down as quickly as possible.…

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A Free Lesson for your Upper Back & The Chance of a Lifetime

A note from Erin: Helloooo! This season is so utterly glorious where we are. Are you loving the season? Friends, how are you? Could your upper back use some lovin’? Some gentle movements to liberate stiffness? I’m inspired to offer an Awareness Through Movement Lesson as a gift to you, our readers, this week because I just keep…

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Becoming Normal-Sized + Fall Bounty

A note from Carl: Greetings friends! Before today’s writing, I want to share a bit of the bounty of our offerings coming in the next months.  Next week, we will open our second month of the online Embodiment Lab, Growing Hara, Embodying Your Pelvis, Belly, and Back. This is one of our favorite topics to dive into and…

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