Freshness In The Ordinary

A note from Erin:

Greetings from lovely San Rafael!

We are so happy this week to be starting our second 3-year Embodied Life training with our dear friend and mentor, Russell Delman, and 30 other people from around the world.

The wonderful Irish poet, John O’Donohue reflected in an interview years ago on how he understood the difference between beauty and glamour. As you read this, I wish you could hear his deep Irish intonations.  “Glamour will never go deeper than the initial, sometimes shocking effect it has on you. Beauty has continual layers of possibility for exploration, for being touched. Beauty makes us feel more alive in its presence.”

Freshness In The Ordinary

I adore moss and its timeless beauty

There’s a simple line Russell offered in yesterday’s session which struck me. It’s beautiful, in the way O’Donohue describes beauty – one of those pith statements with which you can go a mile deep if you stick with it beyond the first glance.

“Our practice is to bring a sense of freshness to the ordinary.”

Freshness in the ordinary.
Learning to do this regularly can utterly transform your experience of life.
Can you imagine that kind of freshness in your life?
Not in the better “someday-life” in which you have no scars or messes or relationship challenges or people who behave badly and have all your issues nicely cleaned up.
But freshness in the ordinariness of THIS very life.
How about now?

That’s my wish for you today.

Freshness in feeling the living pulse in this amazing body of yours, as familiar as it is. It’s alive!

Freshness in tuning into the comfort of your neck and shoulders as you read, sensing how you might make a shift to make yourself 10% more comfortable, right now. Fresh!

Freshness in really seeing the face of someone you look at frequently, but really taking them in with curiosity as if you’ve never seen them before. They’re amazing!

Freshness in sipping water, as if you were a small child drinking from a cup for one of the first few times. Wow! Delicious!

Freshness in appreciating these two legs which actually work and allow you to walk. Miracle! Legs!!!

To observe something beautiful in your home which perhaps you haven’t really looked at in years. Beauty!

I think Mark Nepo’s quote is so smart. “The secret to joy is being easily pleased.”

Beginner’s mind offers many, many blessings. It’s like the Midas touch, but rather than turning things to gold, it brings our life to life. Way better than gold. :)

May that joy be yours today!

(Want some inspiration on how to do that? Read this. )

Freshness In The Ordinary

p.s. We are so fortunate to be hosting Russell Delman in Salt Lake City again in March. Registration is now open for his public workshop March 19-20 with a public talk on March 18. (Find lots more details below. We hope you’ll join us!)

p.p.s. Women Embodied 2016 is now full, but there are still a few spots open for Embodying The Masculine! We’d love it if you’d help spread the word to any wonderful guys you think might appreciate our work. Thanks!

p.p.p.s. Carl and I are working on our workshop schedule for 2016 for in person and online classes. We’ll update you soon!

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By training and profession, I am a somatic educator. Over the past 25+ years I have trained in and taught modern dance, tai chi, Indian and Tibetan yoga, yoga therapy (specializing in back pain). I completed a 4-year professional Feldenkrais training in 2007 and a 3-year Embodied Life training in 2014. I also study and work with somatic meditation and the profound practice of embodied inner listening known as Focusing.

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