Russell Delman In Salt Lake City

March 18-20 2016

“The Challenges and Opportunities of Awakening Humanity”

Russell Delman

(from Russell)
Dear Friends,

I enthusiastically anticipate my return to Salt Lake City. With a core group of consistent people and the fresh energy of new folks, we always seem to explore essential human questions with both depth and lightness.

This year our focus is: “The Challenges and Opportunities of Awakening Humanity”. When I use the term “Awakening Humanity” I am suggesting that there are groups of people around the world, often living in certain communities, who are on a journey of uncovering their human potential. I suspect that Salt Lake City is one of these communities. What does living in a more awakened way really look like, for ordinary people like you and me?

By this term, I also mean that we are each having influences on the world around us through which our consciousness and actions can help to “awaken” others or not, in both our close personal relationships and in the wider world. I am curious to explore this as well.

What an extraordinary time to be alive! I hope you will join us for this week-end.

Toward a Blossoming Future



Friday night talk (suggested $10 donation) 7-8:30pm at Avenues Yoga 68 K St E, Salt Lake City, UT 84103

Location: The Commander’s House University Guest House 1965 De Trobriand Street Bldg 620 Salt Lake City, UT 84112

Cost: $235, $205 Early Bird discount before February 26th

To Register online: click here or contact or call 707.827.3536

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