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THIS is summer

A note from Erin: It’s summer, yay!!! Are you feelin’ it? Lemonade, leisurely afternoons, hammock time, camping trips, long warm evenings, outdoor grillin’, going swimming and all the rest? What are your favorite summer activities? Today I’m enjoying one of my summertime pleasures – a juice fast. Feels so good to press the refresh button…

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The Gift of Sight: Exploring the Power of your Eyes to Improve your Movement

The Gift of Sight workshop with Erin Geesaman Rabke

The Gift of Sight: Exploring the Power of your Eyes to Improve your Movement Saturday April 25th, 10am-5pm (lunch break 12:30-2) at Vitalize 2154 s Highland Drive We are SO very excited for this workshop! We’ll spend the morning and afternoon exploring brilliant Feldenkrais lessons which can powerfully improve posture, reduce pain, and make everyday…

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Embodying A New Masculine- A 12 Week Course for Men

February 24, 2014 @ 6:00 pm – 7:40 pm “I don’t believe people are looking for meaning in life as much as  they are looking for the experience of being alive.” For as long as humans have existed, men have gathered in sacred circles to speak, listen and connect together around the great mysteries of…

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Deepening Awareness Through Movement

deepening awareness through

A 12 week somatic adventure in 3 acts. Taught by Carl Rabke, LMT, GCFP Begins Monday, Feb 23 Act 1: The Ground Act 2: Your Dynamic Center Act 3: Discovering Length   The Ground: Mondays, 2/23 – 3/16 6:30pm In this segment we will explore our living connection with the ground. How do receive support, strength, and connection through…

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