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In addition to being a gifted and beloved poet, Mary Oliver has been one of my most profound teachers in the Art of Attention.

When I first started reading her work long ago, I remember thinking, “We live in the same world, but wow, I want to live in her version of the world!”

Apprenticing myself to her poetry as an invitation to inhabit the world with wonder, curiosity, and a presence that stands ready to be awed has been and continues to be life-changing.

Let’s begin the new year in beauty and spend a month together relishing the teachings in Mary’s words, inviting us to pay profound attention and grow our embodied intimacy with the gift of being alive in this wondrous, fragile world.

“You have a life—just imagine that!
You have this day, and maybe another, and maybe still another.”


With Mary as our guide and with me as your co-pilot, let’s begin the new year with one of the most important life skills: refining the art of paying attention.

I can hardly wait!

From January 1-31, lessons will be delivered every weekday by 9 am Mountain Time.

Each lesson will include an exploration of one or more of my favorites of Mary’s poems and an invitation to take it with you into your day.

(I won’t be using the most popular and well-known of her poems, but some of the countless other gems.)


“Glory to the world, that good teacher.” 



I couldn’t be more excited about this class!!

You don’t need to be anywhere at any specific time.

You don’t need to know anything about formal poetry.

You simply need an internet connection that you can access at your convenience to watch brief videos or listen to audio recordings, and a willingness to pay attention.

(I’ll offer lessons on audio and video as well as written invitations and gorgeous photos too.)

If participants are interested, I may include an optional group call on zoom so we can connect in real-time and share about what’s blossoming in our lives. You’ll have access to the easy-to-use online course platform for a year, and you can download any or all of it if you wish.

I’m remiss to say it but I’m sure plenty of dire news will continue to unfold, day by day, as it does.

But what might change in 2020 when we also hold the gentle wisdom words of a beloved poet in our hearts every day as well? 

Just one invitation every day.

No big deal, yet utterly life-changing! 

Please read my crystal clear cancellation policy then register right here. 

$100 or 2 payments of $50.

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“Listen, everyone has a chance.
Is it spring, is it morning?

Are there trees near you,
and does your own soul need comforting?
Quick, then––open the door and fly on your heavy feet; the song
may already be drifting away.”

– Mary Oliver

a quote from Zen teacher Scott Morrison.
Mary’s poetry  has taught me so much about how to do exactly this.

Let’s start the new year off in beauty together, shall we? I can’t think of a better way.