Our Crystal Clear Cancellation & (No)Refund Policy

When you sign up for one of our courses, workshops, in-person or online classes or retreats, think of it as being like buying a ticket to a concert or an event. You reserve a spot that is then yours. As such, all of your retreat, workshop, and course payments are non-refundable. This is the kind of warm-hearted tough-love policy that invites you to have a wholehearted YES about the commitments you make and to respect our time, your time, and that of other people who wish to work with us.

We invite you to be clear, to sign up for experiences you really want to be present for, and then to show up! We love it when you show up. Magic happens.

We also know from experience how easy it is to decide, “Nahhh, I don’t really feel like it now.” Or to mismanage your schedule. Or decide you don’t feel like driving.  Or sign up for an online class and then forget about it. Or decide that you’re too busy these days and you’d rather skip it. As with a concert or event, if that’s what you decide, no problem! It’s your choice. You miss out on the experience. You also don’t get a refund or a credit. The same is true for our offerings.

This policy holds true for both our live and online offerings.

We do not offer refunds. Please make sure to be clear about what you're signing up for! We're sorry we cannot make exceptions to this policy. 

To wholehearted Yesses and embodied respect!