Setting the Ten-Thousand Things Down + So Much Loving

Joseph Campbell used to invite people to find some time in each day where you can forget who you are, who your family is, the successes and failures of your personal history…

What remains if we give ourselves a few moments to forget all of that?

I had the good fortune, (and the great support from Erin :) ) to be able to be on a meditation retreat in the mountains of Crestone, CO for the week before Christmas. One of the instructions from the retreat that I have been carrying with me is “Can you set the ten thousand things down?” Both on and off the cushion this has been a powerful inquiry.

It is somewhat ironic that at this time of year, in the darkest days, where there is a natural call from the inner-life to turn inward, set the ten thousand things down, and nourish that which lies beneath all the activity, it is also the time of year where we pick-up an extra twenty thousand things by increasing our activities around the holidays.

May you find moments in your days where you can set the ten, twenty, thirty-plus thousand things down, and of course, pick them back up with delight when needed. This little gem of a poem from em claire can be a great pointer…

So Much Loving
The spaces between are your home.
One day soon, you will become so good at
that everything in you will
So good at Spaciousness,
that opening even one eye, or smiling,
will be more joy than you can stand!
So good at Freedom,
that being bound in the body
will seem a small price to pay for all of the Light-Tricks
you’ve learned to play.
Oh, Dear One, without this Grand Adventure,
so much loving

-em claire

Wishing you a New Year filled with joy, connection and gratitude,
and so much loving,


Mesa in his tiger slippers, leather dragon-fighting gloves, paleontologist’s hat, polar bear jammies & superhero cape, Excalibur wielding Christmas morning glory….

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