Intimacy With Your Spine

Intimacy With Your Spine

A Skeletal Immersion with Carl and Erin

Saturday, Feb 27 12-5 pm

Intimacy With Your Spine

In this day-long course we will explore several wonderfully enlivening and intimate movement lessons around the spine. Some lessons will be subtle, some dynamic, and all will lead to a greater sense of intimacy and connection, and thus greatly improved function and understanding of this beautiful, mysterious column of bones that holds us upright in the field of gravity.

These brilliant movement lessons can have a powerful effect on

  • freeing your neck,
  • releasing tension in your upper back and chest,
  • organizing your low back and sacrum for more efficient movement
  •  and restoring the overall health and vitality to your spine.

Saturday, Feb 27 12-5 at Vitalize Studio, 2154 s Highland Drive.
Cost: $79 when you pre-register. Click here to register.
$95 drop-in

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