Join me for a transformative learning experience to begin the new year. Embodied listening is one of the most useful and important skills for our times. The skills you'll learn, practice, and deepen over these 8 weeks will enrich your relationship with yourself as well as your relationships with the others in your world.

Years ago, I was struck while in the presence of a teacher who I still consider to be the most skillful listener I've ever met. I said, "I want to learn to listen like you do!" He laughed and said, "You only learn to listen to others with such skill, compassion, and presence when you can listen to yourself with that kind of care." Turns out he knew what he was talking about. It's true.

In this course, we'll dive into the rich territory of embodied listening. We'll start each week with a brief grounding, relaxing, embodied meditation. We'll practice growing our skills at listening to our own embodied life. We'll deepen our grounded sensitivity and grow much better at articulating what's true for us "hot off the press." We'll practice listening to ourselves and listening to one another with dedicated practice time during class each week. And we'll do it all with great friendliness, curiosity, and of course, a sense of humor.

I'm thrilled to offer this course! While I introduce embodied listening as part of most courses I teach, I find that I always want more time so we can go deeper into this important learning. I'm grateful we'll have 2 hours during class each week to do just that. You'll also be invited to practice with an assigned partner for an hour outside of class each week, most likely over the phone. (You'll be paired with a different partner each week.)

What can I say? Becoming a better listener makes you kind. 

As Rob McNamara wrote so beautifully: "In times of great change—for better and for worse, depending on our dispositions—it’s important to stay focused and attuned to your ongoing personal development. The integrative and adaptive structure of your adult brain and nervous system is more durable than your social contexts. Your meaning-making and what deeply matters to your heart endure more than the shifting cultural landscape around you. Whether things are going “your way” or not in the cultural surround, you have the opportunity to craft yourself into a more effective instrument of service to what matters most to you. Making a greater impact in yourself and our world is possible for all of us right here and now. And while we tend to only root for those similar to us and our cherished orientations, it’s also important to advocate for and support the ongoing growth and development of everyone–especially for those markedly different from us.

Our world needs leaders who have the ability to extend curiosity, compassion and unbiased interpersonal warmth into anxiety-producing differences."

Embodied Listening skills help us to do just that: 

Embodied listening helps us be more compassionate and present with those whose lives we touch.

Embodied listening helps us to craft ourselves into more effective instruments of service to what matters to us.

Embodied listening helps us turn our adaptive, ever-learning brains toward growing eminently useful skills for our inner and outer relationships.

Embodied listening helps us become those steady beings who can extend curiosity, compassion, and warmth toward anxiety-producing situations, both within and without.

I hope you'll join me!

Mondays, 6:30-8:30 pm, Jan. 7 - Feb. 25th, at Vitalize Studio

Tuitions is $375 and includes weekly classes, tea and snacks, access to an online classroom where audio recordings of all classes will be posted as well as some supplemental resources, a private online forum where class members can interact between meetings, and a book I'd love to gift to you.

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