Women Embodied – Registration now open for the Online Live class which starts in November

I’m thrilled to invite you to a unique manifestation of the one of a kind training program and women’s circle that I’ve been honored to facilitate over the past 5 years. I call it:

Women Embodied

Also known as WE.


I’ve been in process for the past few years, wondering into how I can make this important work available for women who are outside of my physical area. A prerecorded online class without the intimacy of live togetherness just has not felt right to me. I’ve finally worked it out! We will have live group gatherings via Zoom video conferencing where we can see and hear each other and be together, with that intimacy that brings the work to life, even from all around the world. I’m thrilled, at long last, to invite you to join me, from wherever you might live.

The short and simple details are here:

We will meet Wednesdays November 22nd – Dec. 13th from Noon-2pm Mountain Time. (Click here for a time zone converter to match your timezone.) We’ll take a break over the holidays and have a second session from January 10 to February 14. 

We’ll also have an online class hub (not facebook) where we can share comments, resources, reflections, questions, and connect between classes. All meetings will be recorded and archived for you to easily revisit or to watch if you can’t make the live session(s). There will be suggested activities between meetings to support your integration of this work into your everyday life.

All in all, it’s going to be the most powerful, supportive, amazing online course I’ve offered yet.

And I hope you’ll join me.

I’m especially interested in inviting women who want to commit to participating as fully as possible. The work powerfully works when we do, and your commitment is an important part of the group fabric, as well as your own integration and growth. I know sometimes travels come up or you might need to miss a few classes, but I’m hoping you’ll be as fully IN with me and the learning process as I commit to being with you. I’ll be asking you to really show up. It’s not an invitation to sign up and then half-ass your participation. I don’t just want your money – I really care about you getting the benefit of this powerful learning experience. I believe the world needs women who are embodied. Even if you can’t attend at the live class times – if you can commit to showing up and engaging in the process, you’re most welcome to join.

Space is limited to just 24 women (plus me) – the same size group as I host for my live classes.

Our live meetings will include:

  • powerful somatic practices
  • embodied meditation
  • potent positive neuroplasticity training
  • powerful Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lessons
  • Embodied listening and speaking practices
  • gorgeous poetry
  • a supportive community of amazing women
  • and lots of love and encouragement. 

The cost for WE Online is $595. (This price is more than $1000 less than the cost of the local live Women Embodied course I offer, as it’s the maiden voyage of the online version.) You can also opt to pay in 3 installments of $210. Tuition includes all of the above, including our user-friendly online course hub where you’ll have access to all recorded classes and readings. These are rich resources you can return to anytime you like.


To participate, you’ll need to have access to a computer or tablet and a decent wifi connection to allow you to access zoom. You can even do it from a smartphone!

You’ll also need access to a comfortable space on the ground where you can do the movement lessons. You don’t even need to leave home!


Please understand that if you commit to taking one of the spots in the class, you are responsible for paying the full tuition whether you attend all classes or not. It’s like registering for a college class or buying a concert ticket. Claim a spot and it’s all yours.  I want you to be all IN!  I put my whole heart and soul and 20+ years of deep study into this course and I only do it once a year. Please read my cancellation policy at the bottom of this page before signing up.

I am offering one scholarship spot for $300, with a flexible payment plan available. Contact me if you’d like to be considered for the scholarship. I will choose one from the applicants by November 6th. If you’re passionately interested and even the scholarship price is out of your range, contact me. Let’s talk.

You can sign up to join the course right here! 

Sign MeUp !

 Click here for 1 payment of $595

Click here for 3 monthly payments of $210

(please make sure you’ve read the cancellation policy at the bottom of this page)

Here’s the invitation from my heart:

I invite you to read it slowly and feel the invitation in your body.

In Women Embodied

I invite you to join me

to embody living ancient wisdom

to grow courageous intimacy with your life

to practice listening deeply

to plant and nurture beautiful seeds

to make room for the full range of your capacity to feel: grief and gratitude and everything in between

to bow deeply to what is and to rise to your full uprightness, without apology

to be still, silent, and spacious

to move your body with clarity, flexibility, integrity, and pleasure

to tune to the living intelligence humming in everything, including every cell in your body

to grow your grounded, clear-eyed warmth

to live intentionally with the wish to benefit others and all of life

to play and to laugh (a lot)

to powerfully deepen your inner and outer trust

to grow your willingness to abide in not-knowing

to inhabit your bones

to revel in paradox

to empower your hara and heart as a powerful foundation for a clear head

to free the genius hiding behind your wounds

to undomesticate your curiosity

to live your life as an act of love

to remember your sovereignty

to root yourself in the depths

to make your optimism contagious

to free yourself, free others, and serve everyday

to dwell in possibility

to welcome the beautiful mess of life

to become empelvised, embellied, empowered

to be a fully embodied woman of wisdom

and to use whatever arises in support of these intentions.

I hope you’ll consider joining me.
With love,


Trust Your Life: An Embodied Writing Retreat

Erin Santa Fe


Each week we’ll move and we’ll be still. We’ll be silent and we’ll communicate.  We’ll listen to our inner lives, our bodies, each other, and our world. We’ll show up. We’ll share ourselves. We’ll laugh and we’ll likely cry too. We’ll expand our circle of compassion, starting right where we are, with ourselves, and growing to include more and more of our world.  We’ll grow our capacity to be what I call “empelvised, embellied, and empowered.” And we’re going to have fun along the way.

We begin with self-compassion. Embodying maitri is our foundation. But we can’t stop with ourselves….We must add to our self-compassion the practice of authentic self-reflection: reflecting honestly on how we show up in the greater world. There’s an invitation to take your practice beyond your own heart, body, and mind and out into the world in ways that are meaningful to you. (No one gets to judge your way of engaging – that’s entirely up to you.)



We will be training to cultivate a grounded, centered, flexible, upright, fully embodied presence. The importance of this foundation cannot be overestimated. And it’s desperately needed in our world. 

Embodied presence includes a warm heart capable of vast courage and deep tenderness, a clear mind and a sense of spacious awareness with room for it all, with a sense of joy, gratitude, and humor to sustain us along the way, even when we befriend our sorrows and struggles. These are the seeds we’ll be watering with our practices. 

Brilliant Feldenkrais lessons and other somatic practices will help you grow a new and deeper relationship with your embodied self, your body’s intelligence,  your capacity for attentional flexibility, and your sense of creative possibility. And of course, it’s all rooted in the powerful practice of slowing down. Think of our time together as a slow sanctuary.

Embodied meditation practice will support you in growing a sense of stable presence, a warm heart and mind that is vast enough to welcome anything. Embodied meditation will help you to grow stability like a mountain, spaciousness like the sky, warmth like the sun. The world needs people who can embody such qualities. Such practices may be more important during our time of so much activity and information than ever before in history.

Embodied listening practices provide a chance to listen, deeply, to the inner knowing of our hearts and guts, and to create a welcoming environment for our inner knowings. We also practice growing our listening skills with others – what a powerful and necessary skill to nurture during these times! Listening liberates. Not listening causes suffering.

Poetry woven throughout our gatherings brings beauty, poignant insight, and touches our deepest hearts.

An authentic community circle offers the power and beauty of human connection, solace, laughter, hugs, powerful wisdom, tears, deep care, solidarity, and love, and many opportunities to practice listening, to our inner lives, to one another, and to life.

You’ll be invited to connect with other members of the community between class meetings to deepen some of our listening-speaking practices and to foster community alliances.

If you’ve not used zoom before, you’ll be so happy with the real-time connection and intimacy that happens via a screen. It’s quite amazing!

Poets As Lifeboats

I invite you to join me for more than a course. For a powerful and one-of-a-kind community learning experience.

As Francis Weller writes so eloquently:

“This is the solitary work we cannot do alone.”

Let’s do it together. Will you join me?

 Click here for 1 payment of $595

Click here for 3 monthly payments of $210



“The times call for integrity. The times call for the courage to refute our own bad arguments and renounce our own bad faith. We are called to live lives we believe in, even if a life of integrity is very different – let us suppose radically different – from how we live now. People of integrity live gratefully because they believe that life is a gift. They act reverently because they believe the world is sacred. They live simply because they don’t believe in taking more than their fair share. They act lovingly toward the world because they love it. As a person of integrity you’ll find your work at “the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet,” as theologian Frederick Buechner wrote.”

– excerpt from Great Tide Rising by Kathleen Dean Moore





In addition to my free Women Embodied Taster Course, if you’d like to get a sense of my style, you might enjoy reading a few of my writings. Links are below.

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Our Crystal Clear Cancellation & Refund Policy

When you sign up for one of our courses, workshops, classes or retreats, we think of it as being like buying a ticket to a concert or an event. You reserve a spot which is then unavailable to others. As such, all of your retreat, workshop, and course payments are non-refundable. This is the kind of warm-hearted tough-love policy that invites you to have a wholehearted YES about the commitments you make and to respect our time, your time, and that of other people who wish to work with us.

We invite you to be clear, to sign up for experiences you really want to be present for, and then to show up! We love it when you show up. Magic happens.

We also know from experience how easy it is to decide, “Nahhh, I don’t really feel like it now.” Or to mismanage your schedule. Or decide you don’t feel like driving.  Or decide that you’re too busy these days and you’d rather stay home. As with a concert or event, if that’s what you decide, no problem. It’s your choice. You miss out on the experience. You also don’t get a refund or a credit. Same is true for our offerings.

To wholehearted Yesses and embodied respect!

(Special thanks to Susan Hyatt whose clarity inspired this policy.) 

All written and photo content copyright Erin Geesaman Rabke 2017, all rights reserved.