The Art Of Walking 

A Day-Long Feldenkrais Immersion With Carl and Erin
Sunday, September 8th,  1-6pm @ Vitalize Studio

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"Sometimes, the truth depends on a walk around the lake," wrote Wallace Stevens.

Often people don't think of walking as an art, but to us, it absolutely is, and one with infinite opportunity for learning and refinement. Whatever your age. Whatever your condition. 

In many ways, walking has become a lost art.
How often do you see someone just walking down the street without talking on the phone or absorbed in a gadget?  How often do you or others you know simply walk, and enjoy the pleasure of walking for its own sake?
People will often drive around for ten minutes looking for a parking spot rather than walking an extra block to get to their destination.

After most of us accomplish the great feat of learning how to walk when we are between one and two years old, our walking just becomes "how we walk" and we rarely wonder into how well we walk, or the possibility of improving our walking.

Do you know how much creativity and curiosity you can bring to your own walking?

And through such explorations, how much ease and efficiency is possible?

Is your walking pleasurable?

Do nagging aches and pains tend to arise?

Here's a really important question:
Do they need to?

In this day-long workshop we will explore the rich terrain of human gait.

We will learn how we can improve our walking at any age or in any shape, updating our old habits into new choices, and learning how with awareness and curiosity, we can continue to refine the way we walk for as long as we are alive.
We predict you will leave feeling more grounded, more light, walking with more grace, more efficiency, more pleasure, and with a spring in your step. :)

We'll work with several brilliant Awareness Through Movement lessons indoors, and weather permitting, also do some explorations walking outside. We'd so love to have you join us for this unique and vitalizing workshop!!!!

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