Flourish at The Speed of Life

I thought I was ready to finally teach my wonderful Women Embodied work online this summer. In fact, I loved doing my free taster course earlier in the spring and I got so much amazing feedback, (some that actually made me weep), it’s a surprise I’m not doing it. (Yet.) As I sat with myself and did some inner listening about what wants to come through me as an online course this summer, it was just so clear, much to my surprise, that it was not that.

Can I tell you about what DID want to come through me? And how once I opened the door to this inspirational idea, my teaching muse arrived full-force and the entire structure of the class immediately came clear?




Consider yourself officially invited to FLOURISH At the Speed of Life with me this summer! It’s different from a course by a similar name that I offered last summer. When I contemplated names, I kept circling back to the title Flourish. Because that’s exactly what this class is about.
As we shift into summertime, I don’t want to offer something that feels like work.
(Though at other times, I dig that. Like in the fall, when I catch the back-to-school vibes. Which is when Women Embodied Online told me she wants to be born.)
Right now in my part of the world, we are easing into summertime and I want to offer encouragement to enjoy, to slow down, to savor the season, to kick our feet up, and downshift our pace. I want to share practices and invitations in small, digestible doses and in an inspiring and kind-hearted community to help us do just that. I’ve designed the course to feel like a total pleasure. Not self-improvement. Not seeking. Finding the amazing goodness that we often miss when we’re speeding through the day. Harvesting the goodness in our days in an embodied way, gently stretching our dream-muscles, slowing down and savoring our lives. Let’s do it!

I’ve created a course that will give us courage, skillful support, just-right-sized inspiring prompts, and the warmth of a wonderful online community as we downshift into slower, more pleasurable living, one breath at a time.

And…..once you register, I’m inviting you to bring a friend for free. Woohoooo! Because goodness is meant to be shared. 


Flourish: At The Speed of Life is here!

And I’d be thrilled if you’d like to join me!

I’m so thrilled about this course and the online platform that makes distance learning super easy. Interested to learn more? Many more details are just below.

thou shall not overwork

What is it? 

Flourish: At The Speed of Life is an enlivening 8-week online experience. It’s an entirely new class that just happens to share a similar name with one I offered last year, but it’s all new content and in a fresh new format. I’m so excited!


The class will officially begin on June 20th, the first day of summer, and run for 8 weeks, through August 12. Want to be flourishing by then? Yay! Me too. And just to make it easy-like-Sunday-morning, you don’t need to be anywhere at any particular time to participate. I love that!


I’m so excited about this! On my super-easy-to-use online platform, you’ll receive encouraging nudges of inspiration over 8 weeks. I’ll be sharing 40 ways to slow down, grow your embodied presence and mindfulness, and harvest enormous joy in your everyday life. The content will remain online after the “end date”so you have lifetime access to the course. I simply won’t be adding new material or participating in the online discussions after mid-August.  I’ll share inspiration via written, audio, and video formats, plus I love to include gorgeous images too. You’ll have the option to participate in enlivening discussion threads along with the amazing community of participants. Or if you like to quietly do your own thing, you can absolutely do that too. But I’ll tell you, the community discussion threads have been SO rich in my recent course! Incredible people from all around the world coming together around a common theme, sharing their reflections and wisdom from the comfort of their own home? How amazing is that?!


Here’s what I love about online classes. You can do it from anywhere as long as you have internet. This course is specifically designed to fit into your life, as it is. Lessons are offered in brief, digestible pieces so you don’t need to invest a ton of time. I’m aware of our modern attention spans and won’t ask you to spend an hour at the screen. But I will offer enlivening suggestions and supports which you can weave into your own life at your own pace. Most lessons and activities take a short amount of time. You just need a quality internet connection and that’s it. Even non-techy people have found it easy to participate. I’m so grateful for that!

For Whom? 

For you! Are you tired of playing Hide and Seek with ease, presence, and the joy of embodying “enoughness?” How about we play Pause and Find instead? This is an invitation to step right off the self-improvement hamster-wheel and find ways to deepen your presence and joy in this very life, as it is, as you are. No straining, chasing, or seeking, but slowing down, pausing, finding and really taking in the goodness that is right here in this moment.


Because it’s so easy to get lost in the busyness of our everyday lives. (Sheesh. Isn’t it?!?) Too easy. Because I LOVE online courses. I love the amazing change that can unfold with the support of curated inspiration and skillful invitations to pause, to get present, to see with fresh eyes. Why am I offering this course? Because this is exactly what I want to grow in my own life this summer. And because I would love to share this journey with you.

How much? 

This 8-week Online Experience, including 40 Days of potent and curated invitations to support you to flourish is just $295. And as a special gift, once you’re registered, you can invite a friend for free! (It’s always more fun to share the process with someone you love! And how cool that you can give such a meaningful gift!) I must say, this class amazingly inexpensive for the quality and quantity of what you’ll be getting. (I’ve taken online classes like this from $800 and up!) And it’s a very small fraction of what my in-person classes cost.  I reeeeeally want to share these gifts with you and want them to be easily available. So I’m keeping the price low. And as far as how much time? It will require less than an hour per week of you being at your computer, and the practices can be woven into your daily life. For example, here’s one of my favorite inquiries. “How could I do this with less effort and more pleasure?” Takes just moments to read, and then you can go as deep with that as you like, when you’re driving in traffic, washing dishes, carrying produce at the farmers’ market, or sitting on the porch sipping tea. Less effort, more pleasure, baby. That’s how I roll.

How do I sign up?

 I’m so glad you asked! Just click this button right here. Easy peasy.


Our class officially begins on the first day of Summer (in my hemisphere) June 20th. I can hardly wait!


More Details

Each week will include:

  • a Flourishing Lesson
  •  a Pleasure Prescription
  • a Permission Slip
  • a Somatic Support (aka Embodied Encouragement)
  • a Poem
  • and an Embodied Gratitude Prompt.

The content will be released gradually each week and will be available for you to access at your convenience. For this course, you don’t need to be anywhere at any particular time. (Oh, how I love that!) You can enjoy the whole class in your jammies if you like! All you need is an internet connection. And did I mention you have lifetime access? Of course.

Let’s be honest. 
We could all use more presence, gratitude, and well-being, and far less pessimism, stress, and distraction. Am I right?
 Unlike others who may be resigned to a life heavy in stress, negativity, and rushing around until we collapse, I imagine that you want to overcome those unsatisfying default tendencies and take the reins on your quality of life and your well-being. I bet if that weren’t true, you wouldn’t be reading this.
I want to share some powerful practices with you in a way that’s as simple, elemental, and delicious as salt. (I love salt. Salted caramels, salt-rimmed margarita, salty popcorn – yes!) And while I’m a huge fan of doing long retreats, I can honestly say that you can have a big effect by weaving these brief and potent practices into your everyday, messy, beautiful, imperfectly-perfect life.
I’m into real life, real, integratable skills, and as much as possible, real simple. 
I believe it’s essential to grow your capacity for more joy and well-being. 
Is that selfish? I don’t think so.
When you’re at your best, you can give your best to this world that so desperately needs it. 
When you flourish, you help others to do so too.
You can inspire those around you.
You can spread well-being instead of angst.
Consider yourself called. 
 Too Blessed to be Stressed? NOT! **Happy New Year!**
One last thing:

As I share at the start of many of my courses, I want to offer a viewpoint that’s vitally important to me.
To borrow a favorite line from Zen teacher Cheri Huber:

This course will teach you nothing you don’t already know, it asks for all the enthusiasm and attention you can muster, and it’s 100% guaranteed NOT to improve you at all! 

How’s that for salesmanship?

Oh well. :) That’s how I roll. I want to be 100% clear that the intention for this course is not to improve you. (I don’t think you need fixing. I don’t think there is anything wrong with you.)

My intention is simply to offer a curated selection of hugely inspired doses of support and encouragement so you can explore living at the speed of life and develop the art of paying attention to your life in ways that will inevitably increase your joy. As you are. As it is.

Are you curious if YOU could enjoy an online class? I’m so happy to share what a recent participant had to say:

“I just have to say what a FANTASTIC delivery of this material!!!
I am hesitant to take any on-line courses.  I have tried many on-line courses.  It has a lot to do with me,  – my 20 years in the computer field – and my experience of poorly designed on-line training or the “vehicle” thru which the training is delivered.  When you do Information Technology as your “day” job, it can be a challenge to add more on-line activity.
Having said that – Erin, it is so evident to me how much time, effort, work, and love you put into this course.  You have done your due diligence in researching this medium to provide a seamless delivery of yourself and your heart.
I am just amazed.  Amazed and grateful!
Erin, I loved, loved, loved that you had video, audio, and written offerings, and that they were in small little chunks which made them easily digestible.  I especially appreciated the reminder “not to multi-task” during the on-line session.  This made me really stop and consider every day – Can I really be present and alive for the next……hmmmm…….. let me see, this little golden nugget is 8 minutes long, YES I CAN!
This actually made me feel successful!  Isn’t that silly?  But it’s true!
Sometimes I would listen to an offering again.
And WOW – Can I just say how valuable it was listening or reading a second time? Being able to do that was a nice opportunity. I appreciate your generosity.
The Ruzuku interface was clean, easy to use and a snap to set up notifications.
What I loved was during the week I went out of town and was able to participate via my android phone.      YAY!!!
I was so appreciative of that.  Even on vacation (with headphones on driving back home) I could actively participate in the course.
Again I was just blown away by the seamless access and ease-of-use overall.
I really loved the videos of you.  You came across as if you were sitting in my kitchen having a cup of tea.  I don’t know how you did that but you did!!!  
Again – you really put great thought into this and it showed in every aspect of the course.
It brought me so much joy to have this experience of you, and to have an on-line experience that was fun, educational, enlightening and heart-felt.  
Bravo! applause, applause, applause!
-Eleanor Montano
former Computer Information Security Manager and Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner”

IMG_1442 (1)

I can’t wait to support you, to learn with you, and to flourish with you.
Much love,