Friends, you're invited to join me in the practice of praise. During this gathering, a twin to the grief-tending ritual, we will revel in the practice of praise, which I believe is one of the most neglected and vitally needed practices on Earth.

Saturday, June 4th from 9 am -noonish Mountain Time (check your timezone) we will gather to praise this beautiful world and all that is yet unruined; the beauty and blessings that are so easy to miss unless we turn our hearts toward them.

Consider the species not yet extinct - we are blessed to be alive along with finches and ravens, singing whales and spirit bears, fir trees and peach trees, stag beetles and lightning bugs, seastars and honeybees!

Consider the amazing beings we're blessed to know. Family and friends whose presence seems ordinary until they're gone and we realize how extraordinary our moments with them really are.

Consider sunrises and sunsets and coffee and fresh water and hot showers and electricity and cloudscapes and snowflakes and poetry and the sounds of a cello and the eyes of a beloved.

Let us not forget to praise!!

Praise is one powerful way of giving back - of stepping into reciprocity and offering lavish thanks for all we've been given every day of our lives. Praise feeds the holy in nature, feeds what we love, feeds life. Praise is soul activism. Praise practice trains us to be more permeable to the beauty we're surrounded by. Praise practice is oh so necessary and oh so heartening. Let's do it!


During our time together:

  • we will listen to beautiful praise poetry


  • we'll do embodied grounding and sensing practice so we can feel our gratitude with our whole bodies


  • we will write our own praises and share in small groups – not to be fancy-schmancy writers but to let our hearts crack open with our unique ways of loving this world.


  • we will share in a virtual circle our own ways of praise so we can be inspired by one another.


  • we will take a break to wander outside in our own places and enact our own humble or extravagant gestures of praise


  • then we will share about our place-specific praise practice in a joyful closing circle.


Do you sing praise songs?

Offer love talk to the trees?

Kiss the mountain trail with your feet?

Do you make little altars?

Do you speak tender words into the soil?

Do you pile flowers and fruit and give them back to the ground from which they came?

Do you dance?

Do you whisper words of love?

Make art as gratitude offerings?

Do you stroke the herbs and flowers as you walk by?

Do you send prayers of thanks up to the sky on sacred smoke?

Do you spread seeds for the birds and the critters?

Do you yell "YES!" and "THANK YOU!" at the top of your lungs to start the day?

Do you never think about any of this and want to come to be inspired?

Please do!

"I hope that you too
will say a word of thanks
for such creation
out of the wholesome earth,
which would be, and dearly is it needed,
a prayer for all of us."
- Mary Oliver



I am sooooooo looking forward to hosting this event.

Life and the Ancestors and Earth herself have been nudging me to do this for some time. I'm continuing to follow their lead and making it happen - alternating grief and praise practices each month.

You're warmly invited to join me - and then you are gently encouraged to host a Praise Party of your own. 

 Let's do it!! 

Please donate any amount to join.

I will send the zoom link and all you need to know in the days before our gathering.

Donations are greatly appreciated and half of all donations will be forwarded to one of my favorite organizations, Treesisters!

“I have not a clue whether we humans will live for another 100 or 10,000 years. We can’t be sure. What matters to me is the fact we have fallen out of a very ancient love affair – a kind of dream tangle, with the earth itself. If through our own mess, that relationship is about to end, then we need to scatter as much beauty around us as we possibly can, to send a voice, to attempt some kind of repair. I think of it as a kind of courting – a very old idea. This isn’t about statistical hysteria, it’s about personal style. Any other response is just not cool.”

 - Martin Shaw 


More Honey Locust
Any day now
the branches
of the honey locust
will be filled
with white fountains;
in my hands
I will see
the holy seeds
and a sweetness
will rise up
from those petal-bundles
so heavy
I must close my eyes
to take it in,
to bear
such generosity....
I hope that you too
know the honey locust,
the fragrance
of those fountains;
and I hope that you too will pause
to admire the slender trunk,
the leaves, the holy seeds,
the ground they grow from
year after year
with striving and patience;
and I hope that you too
will say a word of thanks
for such creation
out of the wholesome earth,
which would be, and dearly is it needed,
a prayer for all of us.

- Mary Oliver