For years we've hosted a meditation practice right around New Year's Day live in Salt Lake City.

This year we're taking it online and expanding the format. Here's your invitation to join us!

On January 2nd, from 9 am-1 pm Mountain Time, Erin will be hosting a mini-workshop: A Fresh Start.


Our time will include:

  • a grounding embodied meditation practice,

  • a deeply softening movement practice, 
  • inspiring poetry,

  • community connection, 

  • and a journey to help us lay 2021 peacefully to rest and to begin 2022 in beauty

  • all dedicated to peace within us and around us.

Space is limited to 20 people and the cost is just $45.

I imagine this workshop will fill soon, so click here ** to grab your space if you'd like to join me.

** Please read our cancellation policy before registering!