You're invited to the one-of-a-kind and once-a-year experience that is my great honor and pleasure to facilitate:

Women Embodied

Also affectionately known as WE.

Our theme this year is:


WE Testimonials
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 The simple details are here:

Our weekly 2.5-hour classes will happen at two times. Choose between these options.


The live, in-person class will meet Wednesdays from 6-8:30 pm from September - October, then meet online during the dark days of winter from November -February (no dark icy driving, yay!) and will return to in-person meetings March - May. We'll meet in a gorgeous group meeting space above Turiya's Gallery at 1409 s 900 e in Salt Lake City. 

The live, all-online class will meet on Zoom on Thursdays from 12-2:30 pm Mountain Time and you can join from wherever you are.

Both classes will run from September 2023 - May 2024.

The SLC class starts September 6.

The online class starts September 14. 

We have 9 months to grow something beautiful. 


Your tuition includes weekly 2.5-hour workshops over 9 months, the special gift of two books we'll read together, an online course hub where recordings and readings are posted, and participation in a powerful community circle. This year's program also includes weekly 30-minute transformative movement lessons recorded for you to work with on your own time and revisit whenever you like. Additionally, you'll receive an optional invitation to join me on zoom for embodied meditation on weekdays from 6-6:50 am MT for 2 20-minute sits with 10ish minutes of body-care break in the middle. One more bonus: If you show up live to every class, I will be delighted to gift you a private session with me at the conclusion of our group.

Could you use deep support and deep remembering?

It will be a sanctuary of sanity and soul.
Step into the invitation to slow down to the speed of life in the midst of this rushing, disconnected, struggling world. As Mary Oliver wrote, "which would be, and dearly is it needed, a prayer for all of us." 

What you'll learn and integrate through this immersive course will ripple benefits through your life personally, professionally, and beyond.

Join us.

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I'm inspired to share two quotes from wise teachers that have been hovering in my heart for the past several years and are exactly why I'm offering this class.

First, from Thich Nhat Hanh:

“I am inviting you to go deeper, to learn and to practice so that you become someone who has a great capacity for being solid, calm, and without fear, because our society needs people like you who have these qualities, and your children, our children, need people like you, in order to go on, in order to become solid, and calm, and without fear.” 

And second from Karen Maezen Miller:

"What do you practice? Whatever you practice, you'll get very good at. Some people become more fearful or cynical; some more arrogant or vain; some greedy, some needy; some combative or closed-minded. That's what they practice. And then there are a few who grow as solid as a mountain and as wide-open as the sky." 

Let's do this together.

Let's deepen our practices and find deep support.

The world desperately needs awakened, embodied humans who are willing to feel what's here to be felt and see what's here to be seen, willing to courageously know what we know and to envision a life-giving world for all. People who are willing to be present and embodied (or at least have reliable ways to return to embodied presence.)

We do this work and engage in this learning not only for ourselves but for the welfare of Life now and into the future.

And as my mentor, Francis Weller says so accurately,

"This is the solitary work we cannot do alone."



Want to join me? I'm thrilled. Click below to complete your application. It's short and sweet. 


Here’s the invitation from my heart:

In Women Embodied

I invite you to join me

to grow courageous intimacy with your life

to practice listening deeply

to undomesticate your curiosity

to live your life as an act of love

to remember your sovereignty

to root yourself in the depths

to make your optimism contagious

to dedicate yourself to the welfare of life, now and in the future

to plant and nurture beautiful seeds

to make room for the full range of your capacity to acknowledge and feel: grief and praise and everything in between

to bow deeply to what is and to rise to your full uprightness, without apology

to be still, silent, and spacious

to move your body with clarity, flexibility, integrity, and pleasure

to tune to the living intelligence humming in everything, including every cell in your body

to grow your grounded, clear-eyed warmth and compassion

to live intentionally with the wish to benefit others and all of life

to embody living ancient wisdom

to play and to laugh (a lot)

to powerfully deepen your inner and outer trust

to grow your willingness to abide in not-knowing

to inhabit your bones

to relish the soft animal of your body

to revel in paradox

to empower your hara and heart as powerful foundations for a clear head

to free the genius hiding behind your wounds

to free yourself, free others, and serve everyday

to dwell in possibility

to welcome the beautiful mess of life

to become empelvised, embellied, empowered

to use whatever arises in our lives in support of these intentions

to be a fully embodied woman of wisdom.

I hope you’ll consider joining me.
With love,


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We will be training and practicing to cultivate skills essential to navigating these times:


  • unconditional, courageous kindness toward our inner and outer lives


  • slowing down to reveal our grounded, centered, flexible, upright, embodied presence


  • a warm heart capable of courage, wholehearted participation, and true tenderness toward it all


  • a clear mind and reliable access to a sense of refuge in the spacious presence of our own awareness and our own vast heart-mind


  • ways of moving and inhabiting our bodies (outside the paradigm of domination or fixing) with far less effort and much more pleasure


  • a sense of gratitude, reverent curiosity, and good humor to sustain us through challenging times; as well as welcoming of the guest of grief


  • a deepening relationship with our own inner authority and a growing capacity to reliably access our own wisdom


  • a sense of sufficiency and being richly resourced


  • and a growing courtship with our unique gifts which we carry as medicine for the community


Tools and practices we'll use:


  • enlivening somatic movement lessons


  • embodied meditation


  • positive neuroplasticity practices


  • powerful seasonal myths as guidance and inspiration


  • remembering and uncovering the indigenous soul within


  • deep ecology practices


  • divination


  • poetry


  • beautiful communal rituals


  • deep embodied listening to ourselves, one another, and the living world.



Want to join me?

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I have taught Women Embodied for many years.

I thought the last time would be the end.

Instead, it wanted to be reimagined and refreshed for the times. 

It's going to be a potent, powerfully impactful, kindhearted women’s circle with a wise and kickass curriculum that offers deep support. We'll include seasonal myths, monthly divination, and monthly invitations to deepen your connection with the natural world, in addition to regular practices in embodiment, movement, resource-growing practices, deep ecology, growing the necessary capacity to think like a village, and more. 

Our practice will be dedicated to the well-being of all Life, including you. 



Those who identify as women, as well as non-binary or gender non-conforming folks who feel called to the circle, are warmly welcome to apply. We warmly welcome people of many diverse backgrounds. Especially for those on zoom, please know that it's my honor to welcome mothers of young children. Having babies or children with you or in the background on zoom is most welcome. 

Please note: 

All our practices center the cultivation of deep support for our embodied mindful presence, our courageous commitment to kindness in a crazy world, and developing deep roots into our vast hearted sanity and our unique genius while resourcing our sense of humor and workability. For me, all of these practices are deeply embedded in my own study, work, practice, and heart-vows in the realms of dismantling white supremacy and creating anti-racist culture, in soul work, in deep ecology, in my meditation and somatic lineages, and in the call, in the midst of this climate crisis, toward a great turning toward a more sustainable way of being human. The circle is infused with a deep commitment to supporting the thriving of future beings.

While we won’t center these themes explicitly, they are implicit in every facet of our time together.

If anti-racism, anti-oppression, dismantling the myth of white supremacy, recognition of the great climate/extinction crisis, and a commitment to a great turning toward a more life-giving way of being human are not aligned with your values, this group will not be a good fit for you. 

Tuition for the full 9 month program is $3500.

If you pay all at once you’ll save $100. 

 Your tuition includes weekly workshops over 9 months, 2 books I'm excited to gift to you. It includes an invitation to weekday silent meditation practice on zoom, September - May. It includes weekly guided 30-minute movement practices for you to work with on your own time. We'll have an online course hub where you’ll have access to recordings of all classes, plus poems, myths, articles, and other additional readings. These are rich resources you can return to anytime you like.

Please know it's my strong preference to prioritize giving space in the class to people who want to commit to participating as fully as possible. I know sometimes travels or illnesses come up and that you might need to miss a few classes, but I’m hoping you’ll be as fully IN with me and with the community as I and we commit to being with you. If you're only in it for yourself, the village we co-create will not thrive. 


Payment plans are available:

One option is this: A $1000 deposit is due now to reserve your spot. Ten monthly payments of $250 will follow.

You may also choose to pay $350/month over ten months. 

I'm open to making a payment plan that works for both of us - if you need something different, please ask.

* Please understand that if you commit to taking one of the spots in the class, you are responsible for paying the full tuition whether you attend all classes or not. Kind of like registering for a college class. Claim a spot and it’s yours! *

Please read my cancellation policy here. 

Once your application is accepted I will send you a payment link based on your preference of how you'd like to pay. Once your deposit or full payment is made, your space in the group is official. Yay!

I am offering two need-based scholarship spots for a reduced rate of $2000 (a $1500 tuition reduction), with a flexible payment plan available for people who could not otherwise afford to attend. Contact me if you’d like to be considered for the scholarship. I will choose from the scholarship applicants by mid-August.

I put my whole heart and soul and 25+ years of deep study and practice into the creation of this course and I only do it once a year for a rather small number of participants. If the cost is out of reach for you, please know I have many other offerings that are less expensive and/or offered by donation. This is one of the few extended live, in-person courses I offer and into which I pour my whole heart, attention, deep care, passion, and all my tools and skills to support you in deepening life-changing learning. I deeply appreciate your support of my family and my work in the world!

p.s. This course is 100% guaranteed not to improve you at all, but rather to connect you more deeply with the intelligence and life-force that is inherent in your uncontrived, embodied presence. It is intended to help you remember what matters, and to remember the unstained wisdom at your core. 

 It has nothing to do with becoming a goddess or transcending our lives; it has everything to do with showing up as our fully human selves.

Though centered in embodiment, this course is not about burning calories, toning your abs, losing weight, or "fixing" yourself. It has everything to do with powerful life-changing learning saturated in courageous friendliness and deep respect and is woven throughout with beauty and powerful invitations to a new/ancient, non-objectified relationship with yourself and with life. 


Brilliant Feldenkrais lessons will help you grow a new and deeper relationship with your embodied self, your creativity, your capacity for attentional flexibility, and your sense of creative possibility. Feldenkrais lessons powerfully support us to embody mindfulness in every moment and every movement. It's also a potent training in the powerful practice of slowing down and stepping out of internalized habits of domination and aggression.

Embodied meditation practice will support you in growing a sense of stable presence, a warm heart, and a mind that can be spacious and open enough to welcome anything. Embodied meditation will help you see clearly that your thoughts are just thoughts. Embodied meditation helps us flip the dynamic - so that our thinking minds are in service to our deeper values rather than our deep hearts being hijacked by ungrounded thinking. Embodied meditation will help you to grow stability like a mountain, spaciousness like the sky, and warmth like the sun. The world needs people who can embody such qualities. 

Embodied listening will make you kind. It will support you to learn the language of your own wise, feeling, body-mind, and thus have reliable access to integrated wisdom. (Not just thoughts, not just feelings, not just your body - but the integration of each of these together with this moment in our lives = powerful wisdom for you and for the world.) Embodied listening also gives us powerful tools and practices to listen to the others in our life, and to life itself. Listening liberates. 

Poetry, mythology, divination, and invitations to deepen our kinship with the more-than-human world woven throughout our gatherings bring beauty and poignant insight and touch our deepest hearts.

A life-giving community circle offers the power and beauty of authentic human connection, solace, laughter, support, wisdom, acceptance, tears, deep care, belonging and love. We learn so much from each other. Community is healing, and this is a healing community. It's truly a precious gift to be a part of such a circle.

Reading excellent books together buoys our spirits and allows us to relate to specific wisdom in the field between us.

Throughout our time together we’ll practice intentional movement and intentional stillness.

We’ll courageously practice deep listening to our inner lives, deep listening through our bodies, deep listening to each other, and deep listening to our world.

We'll learn from and through our bodies. We’ll share ourselves.

We’ll laugh and we’ll cry.

We’ll expand our circle of compassion, starting right where we are, with our embodied selves, and from there grow to include more and more of our world.

And we’re going to have so much fun along the way!!! Because this work is far too important to be taken seriously.


This is so much more than a course.

It's a powerful and one-of-a-kind community experience. It's life-changing learning. It's an island of sanity in a world that's going crazy. It's a sanctuary. 

You're warmly invited to be a part of it.

I'm deeply committed to supporting women:


  • To cultivate an unconditional, brave friendship with ourselves and all that is alive in us as a foundation to grow a life-giving relationship with our world.


  • To nurture our calm and steady presence so we can be sources of wisdom and support to others. To become wise, compassionate, embodied beings, powerfully capable of blessing the world.


  • To discover reliable ways of finding the buried treasure in the stuck or difficult challenges in our lives.


  • To deepen our intimacy with life and awaken to the stunning beauty of the world, so rich in blessings, even on hard days.


  • To know our wisdom is much greater than the voices in our heads and to learn reliable ways to access it.


  • To water the seeds of the qualities we want more of so we become resource-rich.


  • To grow our sense of physical resilience and somatic intelligence; to move with more pleasure, grace, and power through our lives.


  • To nurture the courage to show up and wholeheartedly give our gifts in service to life, now and into the future.


  • To lighten up, have fun, connect, and enjoy this precious, temporary aliveness.


  • To deepen a sense of workability, a sense of humor, and a commitment to not give up.


  • To deepen an ongoing inquiry into reducing unnecessary harm & effort & growing our capacity for pleasure & sustainability in many facets of our lives.


  • To deepen our capacity to welcome the whole range of gratitude and grief.


  • To feel at home in our bodies and at home in the world, grounded, centered, and open to life.


Fear is the cheapest room in the house. I would like to see you living in better conditions. - Hafiz
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Dark times call for bright new visions of the world we want to inhabit.

We must be the change we wish to see. And the means we use must embody the end we are seeking. If we want freedom and respect for all, we must free and respect ourselves and others. If we want a world of beauty, kindness, dancing, laughter, and poetry, we must notice and nurture beauty, embody kindness, dance, laugh, and read poetry now. The world is asking for our wholehearted participation and our clarity about what we deeply care about. As Alice Walker wrote, “What we love can be saved.”

This is so much more than a course.

It's a powerful and one-of-a-kind community experience.

You're warmly invited to be a part of it.

Surviving is not more important than living well in a beautiful way. - Martin Prechtel (1)

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I hope you’ll consider joining me.
With love,


Erin Geesaman Rabke

Somatic Naturalist & Embodiment Mentor

Teacher of The Feldenkrais Method, The Embodied Life & Somatic Meditation

Facilitator of The Work That Reconnects

Community Grief & PraiseTender 

writer, podcaster, deep listener, asker of good questions & convener of inspired communities

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