Women Embodied Live 2016

Women Embodied Live 2016

Here is a special invitation to join me next year (along with a fantastically amazing group of women.) I feel so honored, humbled, and overflowing with enthusiastic joy to host these groups once a year!
I had such a powerful day last week working with two amazing women who are helping me to refine my work in the world. I’m thrilled to say that thanks to the amazing Nan Seymour, I can see my way forward into the structure of my first book. Woohooo! And with the help of several other powerhouse women, (Jac McNeil, Marianne Elliott, and Jen Louden among others) I’m gearing up to offer Women Embodied Online for the first time in 2016.

I’m also planning to offer Women Embodied LIVE right here in our wonderful community and I couldn’t be happier to invite YOU to be a part of it.

I have some wonderful new things in store for 2016. I feel truly confident in (and awed by) the long-lasting benefit that women receive from this work and from the unique and beautiful container and community in which we get to experience it.
Hearing the stories and watching women’s lives blossom truly blows me away. Offering this group is one of the greatest pleasures in my year and I’m thrilled to invite you to join me if you’re called to do so.

Women Embodied is always a stellar community of extraordinary women of such heart, depth, humor and authenticity. It’s currently more than half full with alumnae, but we still have some space for you! It’s the gift of a lifetime for me to be a part of such a community. I’d love for you to experience that too.

May we have the courage today
to live the lives that we would love,
to postpone our dreams no longer,
but do at last what we came here for

and waste our hearts on fear no more.

– inspired by John O’Donohue

You’re warmly invited to join me and an incredible group of women for an intimate experiential journey into living an embodied life with presence, wisdom, and kindness.

Together we’ll explore powerful practices to support us in being awake in our lives, becoming intimate with and freer in our bodies, opening our warm & touchable hearts, and cultivating curious, open, present, wise minds. We are invited to become undefended, resource-full & intimately alive – as our completely unique selves.

Women Embodied Live 2016!!

For Whom?
For 22 women on a path of awakening who want to deepen their embodied presence, authentic gratitude, wisdom, ease and skill in movement, courage, and kindness.


We’ll meet weekly on Tuesday nights, 6:15-8:15pm starting in the dark nights of winter, beginning on February 9th, and continue into the bright, enlivening evenings of spring with our final class on June 7th. We’ll also have 3 retreat days, February 6, April 16, and May 14th.


Weekly classes will be held in the lovely studio space at Vitalize, 2154 s Highland Drive. Our 2/6 retreat will be at Vitalize. Our 4/16 and 5/14 retreats will be held at Snowbird’s gorgeous Cliff Spa. Your spa fees are covered, so you can spend the day (or night) and steam, soak, swim, sweat, sauna, and whatever else you like in addition to our retreat.


I am passionate about sharing this potent, empowering and liberating work with women!
I believe the world needs more embodied wise women and I believe this work powerfully helps us become just what we and the world need. Living as an embodied woman is also about 18 billion times more pleasurable than living as a stressed out, over-busy woman who lives primarily in her head, continually trying to figure things out. This work empowers women to become increasingly grounded and
free in our bodies and minds, more authentic and courageous in sharing our authentic selves, and more fully present to life. Every single time I offer this course, I’m stunned to witness women blossom in such powerful ways. Stunned! And I wholeheartedly believe the world needs your wisdom, your kindness, and your gifts.

How much?

Your $1597 Tuition includes weekly classes February-June, weekly inspiring emails including recordings of all classes, all 3 retreat days including spa fees, 2 books which will be gifted to you as class begins, and much more. A payment plan available.

Is one of the spots for you?

Class space is limited to 22 women.

If you pay in full you can take off an additional $100!

A Payment Plan is also available: $497 deposit due now

+ 4 monthly payments to follow.

If you’re interested, please send me a YES asap, as this class has filled every time I’ve offered it.
I’ll email you an application shortly!

If you let me know you’re interested, I can save you a spot for 48 hours while you work on your application.
Once I receive and approve your application, I’ll send you the appropriate link

so you can register and save your spot right away!
Here’s what a few past participants have to say about the experience:

MaryBeth Clark wrote of her experience, “How am I different after Women Embodied? I’m self-accepting. I’ve realized I don’t have to be different to receive my own warmth. Now, without changing a single thing about my circumstances, my life feels radically altered and filled with new purpose. Nothing about me is different — and everything has changed. If I could say one thing to someone who might attend Women Embodied next year, I would you tell them: Do it! Do it! Do it!”

Here’s what Audrey Clark had to say about participating in Women Embodied:
“By the end of these many weeks, I feel like I can exist with the painful, loving, broken, joyful and confused me; I can embrace all of these normal human experiences and not be tossed into a drowning depth.

I would recommend this experiential class to all women because then it would be such a more wonderful world! I would tell them how precious and strong they are and that having a wonderful inner life just opens your being up to fullness.”

And Janine Wood wrote: After the course I’m feeling more grateful, more empowered, I listen differently, I’m more positive, I find myself choosing joy and happiness, and I’m getting even better at laughing at myself and not taking myself so seriously. I don’t think I could have gone through this process of my step-father being near dying with such grace and presence. That’s not to say I didn’t have freak outs and meltdowns, but the timing of the course was so great for me for learning to let go of at least a little bit of my fear of missing out, and finding the beauty and sweetness in the sorrow and sadness of the experience. Being able to embrace it all. Such a gift! Thank you! I’d tell any woman considering it to “DO IT!”

Three-time participant LuAnn Burke wrote to any woman considering this course, “You will be accepted and listened to wholeheartedly. You will be seen. And you will probably feel more important to yourself than ever before.” And she goes on to say, “The more I come to classes the more I can remember the tools for helping myself with everything from aches and pains to difficult situations to dieting :-)
I can put these principles into any situation I come across and it truly helps. There isn’t one part of my life now that isn’t surrounded by our work. I’m more calm, more connected and more deep. Anyone that knows me and is around me sees that clearly.”

There are many more details about the course below. Read on if you like!

This year, I’m drawn to focus in on a few aspects of the Women Embodied work:

Growing deep and becoming vast. We’ll use brilliant Embodied Life practices and other wise tools to focus on growing our largeness of mind and heart, making room for all of it – the moments that are so beautiful they make us want to weep, and the messes, losses and challenges that inevitably color our days. We’ll be stretched large by our growing capacity to welcome the fullness of our gratitude and our grief, as well as that of others. We’ll find refuge and rest in the vast spaciousness of presence experienced through a grounded, centered body. We’ll become vast enough to enjoy the wisdom in paradox and take delight in the open, curious state of not-knowing. We will grow, whatever our age may be, into true elders, not just adolescent olders.

We will work with meditation practice and embodying welcoming presence as central in our lives, whether we are on or off the cushion. We’ll practice together regularly, plus support will be offered for your growing or deepening a personal meditation practice.

We’ll work with enlivening movement lessons and other body-based explorations to support us in growing our sense of presence, resilience, natural coordination, and the sense of feeling powerfully at home in our bodies and in the world.

We will refine our listening skills. We’ll listen inwardly to our wise bodies and inner lives. We’ll listen to one another with intimacy and spacious respect. We’ll listen to the situations in our everyday lives with the inquiry, “What is being asked to come through me now?” “What gifts am I called to give to the world?” “What is the most life-giving response?” We’ll listen to our movement habits and continually grow ways of moving with less effort and more pleasure; an orientation that sets us up for aging with grace.

And always, and ever, a central theme will be growing Maitri, that unconditional warmth that is in fact, our true nature, and which miraculously makes the good stuff in our lives ahhhmazingly good and the hard stuff much less hard. It’s like magic.

We will cultivate embodied gratitude as a regular practice and a central component in living a beautiful life.

I also have one scholarship spot open for $497 for someone who LOVES this work and can’t afford it. (I truly mean can’t afford it, not just unwilling to financially prioritize it.) If that’s you, please tell me about your circumstances. I’ll be choosing the scholarship recipient in a few weeks


Did the rose

Ever open its heart
And give to this world

All its

It felt the encouragement of light

Against its


We all remain

– Hafiz

This course will include:

Wonderfully rich weekly classes from Feb. 9 – June 7

3 Embodied Life retreats open only to WE participants

Weekly emails including downloadable recordings of each class which you can return to again and again as well as poems, useful resources and more

Weekly guided somatic practices including Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lessons, Embodied Life practices, a little

Restorative Yoga, and much more

Guidance in brilliant neurologically-based practices including Resource Growing, embodied gratitude practices, sitting meditation, and cultivating deep listening skills – both inner and outer. These skills take you beyond the foundation of mindfulness.

An exploration of presence, compassion, and our own deepest, wisest selves through sitting meditation

A community circle of like-minded (and may I say freaking amazing!!!?) women

A respectful, safe and sacred space in which to share our inspirations, our challenges, and the powerful gift of our listening – to ourselves and one another

The reading of two wonderful books together (the books will be gifted to you as the class begins!)

Regular email inspiration from me: Prompts for journaling, self-reflection, self-care, wellness, inspiring resources and more New this year:

New this year:

Full access to Women Embodied Online (a $997 value)

Lots of amazing poetry and other wonderful readings

Invitations to a potluck or two for members of our circle

Lots and lots of love.

I’m deeply interested in supporting women to:

Feel fully at home in our bodies and in the world

Cultivate an unconditional, brave friendship with ourselves and all that is alive in us

Discover reliable ways of finding the buried treasure in the stuck or difficult challenges in our lives, physical, mental, or emotional.

Through embodied gratitude, to awaken to the stunning beauty of the world, so rich in blessings, present even on hard days, and so very easy to miss

Know our wisdom is SO much greater than the voices in our heads

Find joy in intimacy with life, as it is

Bravely welcome all of our states with warmth

Water the seeds of the qualities we want more of so we become resource-rich

Grow our sense of physical resilience and somatic intelligence, to move with ever-increasing grace and power through our lives

Grow the courage to fully show up and wholeheartedly give our gifts to the world

To cultivate a deep trust in our wholeness and the wisdom that arises from it

To lighten up, have fun, laugh, connect, enjoy.

This exploration and these practices are central in my life, my work, my spiritual practice, my education, my marriage, and my parenting. I can’t imagine my life without them!

I don’t claim to be an expert, but a highly motivated explorer – and I love sharing the helpful things I’m learning.

I also adore being in a community of adult learners.
Though I happily take the role of facilitator for our time together, I’m quite clear that I’m a learner myself, and that there is immense wisdom in each member of our circle.

I’m so deeply grateful to have been introduced to a whole body of interrelated practices which support embodied presence, joy and kindness, and I’d LOVE to share them with you.

As my mentor and friend Russell Delman said: “It is not the lesson or the image but the investment of love, potential, respect and possibility on the part of participant and teacher……..”
I bring more than 2 decades of training and practice plus a HUGE investment of love, potential, respect and a profound reverence for possibility to this course.

Would you like to do the same?
Care to join me?

I am so inspired by:

The company of amazing women.
Embodied Life work! Feldenkrais lessons, Focusing practice, Embodied Meditation, Embodied Inquiry practices and more.
Open questions that bring me into reflective consideration of how I’m living my life.
A community of seekers who value openness, authenticity, respect, vulnerability, friendly support, and shared experiences.
The opportunity to cultivate authentic connections with other incredible women who may change our lives forever.
Simple, powerful practices which support our lives to open and blossom; blessing us and those whose lives we touch.
The heart-touching power of poetry.
The healing power of humor and full-belly laughter. Yes!

I’m thrilled to be creating this course, and look forward to the gathering of the perfect group of women who are called to join me.
Women who want to commit to this journey, go deep, grow vast, and be playful (yay! playful!!) – together.

I’d so love it if you’d like to join me for this one-of-a-kind women’s circle!

Women Embodied is central in my deep heart’s work in the world.

I learn so much from the amazing women in the group each year.

Continually attending retreats and trainings to deepen my own skills and practice is central for my own learning, and it’s also one of the great pleasures in my life. For me, there’s nothing I’d rather invest in because what I learn through this work touches every single facet of my life and my relationships in profound ways.

I’d so love to share the experience with you!
If now is not the right time for you and this class – please know that I wish you all the best and send you big big love

As ever, I’m grateful to be a part of your life…