What Does It Take to Be A Mature Human Being?

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What Makes A Mature Human Being?

I’m a fan of good questions. Questions that stand strong and generative even after many attempts to answer them.

There is a potent question that I’ve been carrying with me lately.

What does it take to be a mature human being?
What does it take to be a wise elder? 

It’s questions like these I love to carry as I walk in the canyons of the Wasatch Mountains near my home. Though I’m in my mid-40s, I’ve been carrying this question since I was a child. Pretty much my entire adult life has been dedicated to seeking out wisdom teachers, wise elders and mentors – through personal relationships, formal training, as well as through beloved books. I could fall to my knees right now and weep a river of grateful tears for the wisdom and kindness offered to me by my many teachers, as beautifully imperfect and as utterly human as they are. Having wise teachers in one’s life is like carrying a light in the dark – they offer warmth and wisdom to help me to see more clearly. Their guidance can help us to find our way through this ever-changing, frequently gorgeous, often confusing terrain of a human life.
Years ago my world was rocked with this statement from Moshe Feldenkrais: “A mature being is one who has re-appropriated inner authority. The point of these lessons is to help you remove outer authority from your inner life.” Wow. Right? It humbles me still. What a profound, liberating inquiry – one worth deep investigation. And to do this at the bodily level of our movement and postural habits is deeply profound and profoundly liberating. Discovering what we’re actually doing so we can do more of what we want… It’s a process that is so worthy of time and attention – and one of the themes Carl and I treasure as Feldenkrais teachers.

Years later I was blown away again when I read Francis Weller’s words in the Sun Magazine: “The task of a mature human being is to hold gratitude in one hand and grief in the other and to be stretched large by them.” These words struck my soul like a bell and years later have left me ringing still. This is such an essential skill, such an important soul muscle to grow to navigate life in the 21st century.

I love these invitations.
To reclaim inner authority while remaining a rigorous learner.
To fully welcome the whole human range of gratitude and heartache, grief and deep love, without turning away.

And I wonder – is that complete?
What else is necessary to make up a mature human being?

As I walk with this question lately, other facets emerge.

Having the courage to bring forth your uniqueness, your medicine, your gifts, your genius. Our quirky, unique way of being in the world which no one else can replicate.   As the Gospel of Thomas says, “If you bring forth what is within you what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.” This feels essential for our times.

Another essential aspect seems to be the capacity to have a perspective on your own perspective. The capacity to step back out of your own opinion or experience or reactivity and to witness it with spaciousness and compassion, with disidentification.

And also hugely important is the cultivation of empathy, compassion, and a sense of dedication to something larger than oneself.

It’s of essential importance not just to our own development but to the ongoing life of the world that we dedicate ourselves to something beyond ourselves. I’ve written before about the importance of decentering personal enlightenment and recentering Life. This is ever more deeply important to me.

One might be mature in the previously stated ways and still be profoundly self-centered. Some of us who were raised in a culture or family that encouraged self-deletion and a kind of martyrdom may begin to learn the important practice of self-care. And unfortunately, many stop there. Getting good at caring for ourselves is important… and it’s absolutely not enough. We are each called to help sustain this world so in need of our care. I’ve long been in love with the guidance in this line from Rilke: “I live my life in widening circles. I may not complete this final one, but I give myself to it.” What if we gave our lives toward widening circles of care? What if in a world where many bemoan the lack of wise elders, we decided to rise up and be them ourselves as we age, determined to take better and more beautiful care of Life?

With an eye on the whole, with roots in Deep Time, with a sense of connection to the rich resources we carry in our bones from our own ancestors, with a sense of our place in the grand flow of time – and with an eye on the thriving lives of future generations, we can live such rich and meaningful lives.  If more people and corporations held this perspective, we’d be living in a very different world – one with more restraint, more mindfulness, more reverence, and more care.

Let’s consider the invitation to apprentice ourselves to eldership. Apprentice ourselves to the ways of being a good creature, a good caretaker, and to giving more than we take while we’re here for this brief while.

The good news is that you’re never too old or too young to begin this apprenticeship.

There are so many pathways in – the body, inner authority, grief and gratefulness, growing grounded spaciousness, embodied mindfulness and meditation, a dedication to growing our compassion and care for the web of life. Let’s step in, wakeful and willing.

What a gift when we discover that we can find our own wellspring of wellbeing through a courageous commitment to being in a life-giving relationship with the whole web of life. How beautiful that this willingness can transform our sense of overwhelm and despair into inspired and compassionate action.

May it be so!

Friends, I’d love to hear your thoughts on maturity. I don’t think I’m done with this question yet, and likely will be living into it for the rest of my life. What seems important to you?

Here’s a poem by Mark Nepo which speaks to my heart today.

May it bless us all with a glimpse of the peace that’s possible when we slow down, even ungracefully, to the speed of life, right in the midst of our lives.

What Ties Me to the Earth is Unseen

My heart was beating like a heron awakened

in the weeds, no room to move. Tangled

and surprised by the noise of my mind,

I fluttered without grace to the center

of the lake which humans call silence.

I guess, if you should ask, peace

is no more than the underside

of tired wings resting on the lake

while the heart in its feathers

pounds softer and softer.

May your heart pound softer and softer today.
Like the peace found at the underside of tired wings resting on a lake, may awareness rest in the vastness of our own hearts.

With love,


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