Welcome to Empelvised Embellied Empowered: A Women Embodied Specialized Course

Friends, I'm SO excited to invite you to this beautiful and powerful immersion  in one of my very favorite realms of embodied exploration!

And.... I made a video for you!!!

Even though my hair looks weird! :)

The password is "empelvised"

What is it?

My powerful Women Embodied special focus course called: Empelvised, Embellied, Empowered

You're invited to join me and engage in an ongoing apprenticeship with your own wise body-mind, especially the rrrrrrich territory of your belly & pelvis & hara.  I want to invite you into a non-objectified, profoundly respectful, and deeply rewarding relationship with your body. A relationship in which this living, pulsing, shivering, deeply feeling bod is treasured as the sensitive instrument through which you get to experience life. What a miracle! In some sense, it is your physical self. And I SO wish for you to love it, marvel at it, relish inhabiting it and moving it with pleasure -  which is another way to say I want you to love your life through your body. Specifically through your own belly and pelvis. Oh yes! This relationship is possible and it’s wonder-full. Growing embodied presence (and in particular, what I call "empelvised, embellied, empowered" presence) is an absolute game-changer.

The powerful practices we'll explore in this course can ripple benefits into your life in so many ways. Your participation in this course will support you in:

  • meeting life in a grounded and centered way
  • exploring an uncommon yet potent approach to core-strength (less like steel, more like water)
  • becoming much more knowledgeable about your own living anatomy and how it functions – from your belly and pelvic organs to your beautiful pelvic bones to the specific structure and movement of your pelvic floor musculature and your sphincters as well as your beautiful hip joints and so much more...
  • through brilliant Feldenkrais movement lessons, you'll deepen your experiential understanding of how almost any movement that is connected to your pelvis and belly center will allow you to move with more clarity, ease, integrity, and strength. We'll also be working with some non-Feldenkrais lessons and movements in the Feldy spirit. After 20+years of learning through yoga and tai chi and Feldy and Embodied Life and so much more, I have a ton of great practices and material I can't wait to share with you!
  • growing your courage, rootedness and elegant power
  • taking off the invisible girdle and stop trying to shrink!
  • helping you unapologetically inhabit your own body, as it is today
  • making room for compassion in your own body.
  • My friend, Philip Shepherd, calls the pelvis the "center of being" (as compared to the head as a "center of doing.") This work can powerfully help you grow a sense of BEING in your life rather than just DOING much of the time.
  • And on a very physical level, what we'll learn in this course can help you eliminate aches, pains and discomfort in your hips, lower back and pelvis, which can in turn support you to have far less tension in your neck and shoulders as well as your knees and feet. It will also greatly help you grow strength, relaxation, and flexibility in your whole pelvic and belly area and specifically your pelvic floor, which can powerfully improve continence and rooted presence.

This is not about improvement but about a deepening relationship with yourself and with your embodied life.

As it turns out, improvements often blossom like a field of wildflowers from this rich soil of somatic inquiry without any input from the inner critic....


Who is it for? 

For any woman

  • who wants to liberate herself from numbness and reinhabit her body,
  • who longs to liberate herself from the cultural overlay that tells us to suck it in or shrink or take up less space,
  • who wants to liberate herself from body shame and fall head over heels in love with her amazing body,
  • who wants to feel better and move better and who wants to not wet her pants when she laughs :)
  • who wants to convert the energy spent pathologizing or judging her body into fuel for being an embodied and powerful force for good in the world
  • who wants to make space for compassion in her own body
  • who wants reliable ways to feel more embodied, centered and grounded
  • who wants to reclaim and more fully live from the power center in her own body
  • who wants ever more clarity and grace and power in her moving body, who wants less effort and more pleasure even as she ages
  • who wants more presence and integrity in her pelvic floor, which can affect continence, sexuality, and so much more!
  • who wants to unapologetically live her life as a fully embodied woman
  • who wants her mindfulness practice to have deep roots in embodied presence (not just mental practice)
  • who wants to prepare for or recover from childbirth
  • or who wants to support other women in growing these qualities. (Often yoga teachers, midwives, massage therapists, nurse practitioners, doulas and others have found this learning deeply helpful to their professional lives as well as their own bodies.)

When is it?

Our Monday evening sessions will be held from 6:30-9pm, October 1 - December 3 at the beautiful Vitalize Studio in Millcreek.

We'll also dive in with an introductory gathering and celebration on the afternoon of Saturday, October 6th. Yay!!!

Our retreat day will be on Saturday, October 27th, from 1-6pm at Vitalize.

Where is it?

Weekly Monday night workshops and our Saturday retreat day will be held at the lovely Vitalize Community Studio 3473 S. 2300 E. #12 SLC UT 84109. (Our initial Saturday gathering and celebration will likely be outdoors, weather allowing. Details on location for the first Saturday gathering will come soon!)


I believe with my whole heart that the world needs more embodied, integrated women. I believe embodied, empelvised, embellied empowered women benefit not only their own bodies but the whole world. I believe we need women who inhabit their bodies unapologetically. Women who know how to be grounded, present, centered, fluid, and ever more free. Women who can stand in their power without participating in the model of domination.  Women who are committed to the healing and well-being not only for themselves but for every life in the world.

The more you grow your awareness, the better everything functions.

I don't believe in instructing you on "the right way" to be in your body or to move. Rather through potent questions, through powerful movement explorations, and through guided somatic practices we can grow awareness, presence, curiosity, respect, and an ever-deepening relationship with your living, breathing body.

I want to support you in deepening sovereignty and unfolding your inner authority who can choose how to inhabit her body with the most pleasure, ease, grace and functional integrity, moment to moment.

In addition, I want to support you in knowing your guts, your hips, your pelvic floor with intimacy and deep respect for these amazing structures in the body. I want to support you to awaken to the awareness that exists in these parts of your body and to move and articulate them with pleasure. I want to support you to move and free and liberate and strengthen and loooove your belly, pelvis, hips, pelvic floor, and more.

"This is the solitary work we cannot do alone."

- Francis Weller

Through this class I predict you will:

Have greater intimacy with and clear awareness of your own body, particularly your hips, pelvis, belly, pelvic floor, and visceral organs, including your gut-brain

reclaim your inner authority (or give it even more reign in your life)

increase physical awareness, articulation, freedom, clarity, flexibility and strength

become more centered, grounded, and fluid

learn to move with more grace and power

develop an embodied foundation for grounded, sane presence in a speedy, head-centered world

clarify, soften, and strengthen your pelvic floor

move from fear to love in your own body

and inhabit your body more fully and without apology.

A woman cannot make the culture more aware by saying ‘Change.’ But she can change her own attitude toward herself, thereby causing devaluing projections to glance off. She does this by taking back her body. By not forsaking the joy of her natural body, by not purchasing the popular illusion that happiness is only bestowed on those of a certain configuration or age, by not waiting or holding back to do anything, and by taking back her real life, and living it full bore, all stops out. This dynamic self-acceptance and self-esteem are what begins to change attitudes in the culture.” - Clarissa Pinkola Estes


$995 or 3 payments of $335, billed monthly

An exciting bonus!! If you pay in full by Friday, August 10th, you're invited to schedule a private 1:1 hands-on session with me at a half-price rate of $75! You can also add a session if you pay after August 10th for my normal rate of $150 when you schedule it during the time of the Empelvised, Embellied, Empowered course. I don't usually accept new clients for just a single session... but I not only want to support you in getting the most out of this work, I want to reward enthusiastic participants for jumping in!

Please read my cancellation policy and then sign up here.

Tuition also includes the gift of a powerful book we'll be reading and using during our time together.

Friends, I'm soooooooo excited!!!!

Women Embodied: Empelivsed Embellied Empowered will include

  • powerful retreats,
  • somatic practices,
  • meditation,
  • writing prompts,
  • positive neuroplasticity training,
  • a beautiful book I'll be gifting you,
  • authentic conversation,
  • transformative movement lessons,
  • deep listening,
  • poetry,
  • powerful community rituals,
  • chocolate,
  • resources to support daily-life-integration,
  • and so much love.
  • In addition, all classes are audio-recorded and archived in an easy-to-use online classroom so you can return to the lessons anytime, and so if you need to miss a class, you can catch up on what you missed from home.

Each week we’ll move and we’ll be still. We'll explore anatomy of the pelvis and belly in detail, both visually and experientially. We’ll meditate. We’ll courageously listen to our inner lives, our bodies, each other, and our world. We’ll share ourselves. We’ll laugh and we’ll cry. We’ll expand our circle of compassion, starting right where we are, with our embodied selves, and from there grow to include more and more of our world. And we’re going to have so much fun along the way!!!

We begin with embodied presence and self-compassion. Embodying maitri is our foundation. But we won’t stop with ourselves…. We must add to our self-compassion the practice of authentic reflection: reflecting honestly on how we show up in the greater world, and seeing clearly the culture and the world we co-create every day of our lives.

There’s an invitation to take your practice beyond your own heart, body, and mind and out into the world in ways that are meaningful to you and of benefit to more-than-you. More than ever, I believe it's time to de-center the idea of our own enlightenment, our own well-being, or our own "self-improvement project." We must include it, and then include more.

The world desperately needs awakened, embodied people who are willing to feel what's here to be felt and see what's here to be seen, willing to courageously envision a life-giving culture and world for all life and then live accordinglywilling to stay present and embodied (or at least have reliable ways to return to embodied presence) as we discover life-giving ways to transform the many metaphorical toxic waste dumps back into beautiful wetlands. 

We do this work and engage in this learning not only for ourselves, but for Life. This is of utmost importance.

The Gate Of The Mysterious Female

There is a place in your body
that beckons to you
Through this one-point
you enter into all the worlds
Deeper than thinking,
deeper than feeling,
alive with the breath
it tells you of your deepest dreaming
echoes ancient drumming
attends to your truth
There is a place in your body
that gives birth to stars
that is the end of all longing,
repletion of every emptiness,
the pivot around which
all your worlds are turning
There is a place in your body
where you are born
where you belong
where you are welcomed
with all-encompassing love
Imagine that!

Aida Mysan

p.s. This course is 100% guaranteed not to improve you at all, but rather to connect you with the intelligence that is inherent in your uncontrived, embodied presence. This course has nothing to do with burning calories, toning your abs, losing weight, or "fixing" yourself.  It has everything to do with powerful life-changing learning saturated in courageous friendliness and woven throughout with powerful invitations to a new, non-objectified relationship with yourself and your life.