We are dancing-in-the-chair-excited to invite you to join us for our one-of-a-kind,

wonderful retreat at Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu, New Mexico this September!


Your facilitators:

Nan Seymour is a River Writing Facilitator

Erin Elizabeth is an Integrative Embodiment Mentor


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Wednesday, September 25 (check in at 3 pm) through the morning of Saturday, September 28.

You can check into your room at Ghost Ranch at 3 pm Wednesday and join us for dinner at 6 pm. We’ll savor expansive, open days together on Thursday and Friday, with time for guided activities, including movement and writing, exploration of the land, and quiet rest, and we’ll finish up Saturday by noon. Each morning includes optional lying, sitting, and walking meditation. We practice sacred silence in the mornings until the breakfast hour.

You're invited to join Erin & Nan after we finish the retreat for a soak at nearby Ojo Caliente Hot Springs on Saturday afternoon. (This is an optional add-on. It's around $25 for a day of soaking and worth every penny!) Or you may wish to drive into Santa Fe for the next leg of your adventure in high desert beauty and stupendous art, or begin to make your way home.

Fall is utterly spectacular in New Mexico. With warm days and cool nights, astonishingly beautiful skies, and stunning landscapes illuminated by that singular September light. It’s a perfect place to retreat from everyday life so you can return refreshed and see your life through new, tenderized eyes, and inhabit your life in new, inspired ways.


We’ll be spending our time together at the lovely Ghost Ranch Retreat Center in Northern New Mexico, located in a landscape of sublime beauty, admired by so many, including Georgia O’Keeffe, who lived and painted at Ghost Ranch over many years.The accommodations are simple, rustic, and comfortable.

It’s a place of magnificent natural beauty, with deep, multicolored canyons, mesas, and cliffs, plains, grasslands, and streams. And oh, the skies!

New Mexico is known as the Land of Enchantment for good reason – you will be enchanted.

The unique quality of light which has enchanted artists over the ages, the impossibly beautiful skies, the inspiration that inevitably comes from immersing yourself in such a place of natural beauty… it’s a perfect place to retreat from the craziness of the world and immerse yourself in the splendor of nature and the lightness of being.


We have a new lodging situation this year which we are thrilled about!

Rather than standard Ghost Ranch accommodations, we've rented Casa del Sol, about 2 miles away from the main Ghost Ranch facilities, where we will have our own private little retreat center, replete with our own kitchen, firepit, courtyard, and more. We have 3 single occupancy rooms and 8 double occupancy rooms available. We'll have a smaller, more intimate group than years past (just 11 participants) so we can take advantage of this ideal new setting, which includes having our own chef and making our own schedule for meals! We'll have a communal dining area, kitchen, living room, and courtyard, and all 4 house bathrooms are communal. We'll have signups for showers. :)

Check out the photos below.

More good news: You don't have to book lodging through Ghost Ranch - just book with us and you're all set!

CasaDelSolPicMonkey Collage

Lodging Options

Your registration includes:

  • 3 nights lodging (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday nights)
  • 3 delicious meals a day beginning with dinner on Wednesday and going through lunch on Saturday
  • tuition for the 4-day retreat

Double occupancy rooms are $1225 for 3 nights lodging and all meals from dinner Wednesday through breakfast Saturday.

Single occupancy rooms are $1425 for 3 nights lodging and all meals from dinner Wednesday through breakfast Saturday.

Your tuition does not include:

  • travel to and from Ghost Ranch
  • entrance fees to Ojo Caliente, should you choose to join us there after we finish the retreat. We highly recommend it!
What is it?
  • 4 days dedicated to your vibrant well-being and the embodiment of tenderness
  • a pause from daily life rich in invitations to inhabit your body in nourishing ways
  • an immersion in a stunning natural landscape with plenty of time to simply be
  • a precious occasion to connect with your inner life
  • the generous opportunity to be with your own heart-mind and a blank page and pen
  • the supportive, kind attention of skilled facilitators who are dedicated to your wellbeing
  • an opportunity to reorient to the deep life-dreams you may have put aside
  • generous support to kindle your courage and your vision for your life and the world
  • an invitation to ground in the deeper truths that live in your body-mind, which are accessible when you slow down enough to listen to that sacred intelligence
  • an immersion in brave friendship with yourself, just as you are
  • a great swath of open space and time, free of demands
  • a transformative, sacred space of encouragement
  • a chance to listen deeply to your body and befriend the multitudes you contain
  • an immersion in beauty, awe, and wonder in a stunningly gorgeous place
  • participation in a compassionate community of wise and warmhearted humanfolk
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Join us for a long weekend of dedicated time away from your everyday responsibilities.

Sleep in late or wake early, get into your body, sit in stillness and quietude, do a little walking meditation, enjoy a breakfast lovingly prepared for you, go for a stroll or take a hot shower, savor liberating and enlivening movement lessons that will allow your body to unwind and recenter, listen to your inner wisdom through a guided practice, have a leisurely lunch, go for a stroll along a gorgeous hiking trail in a stunning landscape under gorgeous skies, take a nap, sit among your new friends and marvel at the magic that unfolds when you put pen to page and free your own voice, listen to others and laugh together, feel your heart deeply touched, fall in love with a poem, stretch out and stare at the magnificent sky, savor a delicious dinner alone or with friends, head to the fire pit and enjoy the sounds of crackling wood, the glow of the flames and the warmth of community as twilight turns to starlight, wander to your cozy room and reflect on your amazing day, surprised at how good your body feels, how full your heart is.

Fall into a deep sleep, and do it all over again the next day.

Our retreat will include morning sitting meditation, nourishing movement practices, and wise guided practices to invite you to listen deeply to your own inner wisdom and what’s wanting to emerge in your life. Nan will guide us in River Writing as a powerful tool to listen to ourselves and our unique lives, to practice courage and to free our creativity. You needn’t be a writer or have any experience with writing to reap great benefits from this practice. Nan is truly a gifted instructor who will support you in feeling brave and falling in love with your own voice. Many people who’ve been hesitant about the writing component in the past have fallen head-over-heels in love with it! Your particular witness has never been more needed in the world, and Nan will help you to bring it forth.

During the retreat, you can freely follow your own lead, and you’re invited to join us for the guided activities, or you can skip a session and take extra time to rest in your room or wander the hiking trails. (Please know that we require that you attend the opening and closing sessions.) There will be no laundry to be done, no people to please, and if you’re brave enough to unplug (which we heartily encourage) you’ll give yourself the gift of no emails, texts, or other messages to respond to for 4 whole days! (Can you even imagine how time and space will expand?) You’ll be given generative invitations to enter the wilderness of your own body, heart, and mind to listen, listen, listen to your own wisdom and your current longings. We’ll have some periods of dedicated silence as well as opportunities for the nourishment of community connection.

Creatives and visionaries have been drawn to this area for good reason.

You will be inspired here.

New possibilities will emerge that you may not see from the comfort of your own home.

We’ll explore gentle and wise movement lessons that not only help your body feel great but also rewire your brain to eliminate habits of over-efforting & getting in your own way, so you can live and actualize your intentions more clearly, simply and effectively.

You’ll be gently invited to slow down, get quiet, and be present with yourself with kindness and respect. This changes everything.

We’ll explore all this and more in an environment of kindness, openness, generous curiosity, and willingness to be surprised. Good things will happen. Inevitably.

Please join us for 4 days and 3 nights in beautiful New Mexico during one of the most gorgeous times of the year. We have a private yurt for our community time, plus the vast expanse of this stunning and spacious landscape.

Are You Called?

We believe at this time, intentionally taking time to retreat from the maelstrom of modern life is essential.

It’s important so that you can remind yourself of your own unique wisdom. So you can remember how it is to let your shoulders drop, your jaw unclench, your belly soften and your breath deepen. So you can remember how time expands when you’re not constantly “checking in” but rather, being immersed in your own body-mind, moving at the speed of life in a timeless and inspiring landscape. You’ll have time to stroll among mesas, to stare at the vast skies, to rest and reflect. To befriend your own mind and heart. To remember your intention to be a light for others, and to be so deeply replenished, you won’t be able to help being just that when you return home.

It’s not an escape, but an essential refilling of your well

so you can return to life as your best self,

giving the gifts to the world that only you can bring.


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One past participant shared about her experience at our New Mexico retreat in 2015:

“Since returning, I have felt less anxious…an overall sense of ease with myself and softening of areas where I was feeling edgy. I came home feeling completely inspired to create and put some long-standing discomforts to rest. And, I keep having flashes of sweet moments where I connected with each of the [other participants] over the weekend…really touched by the depth of sharing and willingness to open up with each other. So much to savor.

I left feeling integrated in my body, heart, and mind and much more at ease with myself. I returned home with a renewed sense of creative energy and direction. I returned home feeling a depth of connection with my life and with a group of amazing people.

Before: Anxious. Vulnerable. Fear. Heartache. Lost.

After: Joyful. Full-hearted. Tender. Inspired. Creative direction. Reconnection.”

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Getting there:

Travel: Either fly into Albuquerque and rent a car or plan on a gorgeous road trip to Northern New Mexico. Personally, we adore the road trip to New Mexico and always prefer to drive. It’s a gorgeous, spacious trip from Salt Lake City through open western landscapes and the drive gives us an extra day of retreat!

We also enthusiastically invite you to consider giving yourself extra time to explore.

Santa Fe, Taos, Bandelier?

Click here to read suggestions from Ghost Ranch Retreat Center on “getting here.” We strongly encourage you to allow yourself an extra day or 3 to enjoy New Mexico!

Want to join us? We're thrilled!

We can’t wait to share the weekend with you!!!

No experience is necessary. All genders are welcome.

Lodging Options

Our Crystal Clear Cancellation & Refund Policy

When you sign up for one of our courses, workshops, classes or retreats, we think of it as being like buying a ticket to a concert or an event. You reserve a spot which is then unavailable to others. As such, all of your retreat, workshop, and course payments are non-refundable. This is the kind of warm-hearted tough-love policy that invites you to have a wholehearted YES about the commitments you make and to respect our time, your time, and that of other people who wish to work with us.

We invite you to be clear, to sign up for experiences you really want to be present for, and then to show up! We love it when you show up. Magic happens.

We also know from experience how easy it is to decide, “Nahhh, I don’t really feel like it now.” Or to mismanage your schedule. Or decide you don’t feel like driving. Or decide that you’re too busy these days and you’d rather stay home. As with a concert or event, if that’s what you decide, no problem. It’s your choice. You miss out on the experience. You also don’t get a refund or a credit. Same is true for our offerings.

To wholehearted Yesses and embodied respect!

(Special thanks to Susan Hyatt whose clarity inspired this policy.)


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Thanks to Alex Adams for sharing her gorgeous photos of our retreat! The simple photos are mine, the stunningly gorgeous ones come from Alex.