Welcome To The Embodiment Lab!

 We absolutely LOVE the format of the Embodiment Lab and we invite you to fall in love with it too!

We've been teaching this work live and in person since the 90s and are so excited to open the doors here so you can join us from wherever you are in the world. While we are not offering live Embodiment Labs at this time, you can purchase any labs by following the links below. 

There's a WEALTH of juicy learning to explore! You'll have instant access to all the content. Each standalone lab includes:


  • Four unique videos where we unpack the theme of the month and offer potent, wise, respectful invitations to explore in your own embodied life.
  • Four unique, accessible, and astonishingly powerful 30-ish-minute Embodied Movement Lessons are provided as downloadable and/or streamable audio recordings.
  • One hour-long group zoom call with our community, recorded for easy access.
  • A wealth of additional resources including:

powerful positive neuroplasticity practices,
inspiring articles,
gorgeous poetry,
guided meditations,
bonus somatic practices,
bonus short videos,
experiential anatomy teachings,
embodied mindfulness practices,
and potent embodied inquiries.


Check out the selection and have fun diving into the topics that inspire you!!! Please read our crystal clear cancellation/refund policy before you click to purchase. We are so excited to share all this liberating embodied learning with you! We sincerely believe the world will benefit greatly from more embodied human beings. Thanks for being one of them and for making the world a more kind and embodied place.

Simply click on any topic that intrigues you and get instant access to any of the Embodiment Labs below. Investment is just $60 each for lifetime access. 

Here are what some of our wonderful students would like you to know about the Embodiment Lab:

"I was just slowly making my way through the Lab and was listening in on the 1st call. And just sensing you and Carl and the kindness that you radiate as you offer these embodiment practices and the beauty of poetry and teachings that have moved you... And I'm just grateful because I feel that despite my own long search through many embodiment spaces and practices, I don't think I have felt this unconditional kindness in the context of learning.
It is healing for me to be exploring the body in these movement and inquiry practices in that field of kindness." - Diana Ng in Singapore

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Erin and Carl are two of the kindest teachers and the gentlest, most patient guides I have ever met. In addition to offering wonderful movement lessons, poetry and food for thought, they’ve fostered a nurturing community in the lab. The Zoom calls each month are so helpful and life-affirming especially during the pandemic. The Embodiment Lab is a unique, precious offering. 

Ilona Fried, Massachusetts 

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What amazing changes have come to my life since I started in The Embodiment Lab in October 2019! I know this work is transforming me and I'm deeply grateful. Joining The Embodiment Lab has changed my life in many ways, big and small, all of them good. The learning goes far beyond the body and the influences have rippled out into every area of my life. Erin & Carl offer an exceptional blend of guided practices, movement lessons, and rich food for reflection. Their compassion and authenticity are unflagging and deeply inspiring.  I’m so grateful to be a part of this open-minded and supportive learning community.

--Beth Janzen, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Tiny Projects of Light

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What has the Embodiment Lab done for me?  I’m not quite sure which aspect has been more transformative - this explorative Feldenkrais work on my body with the loving, knowledgeable SomaWizards Erin and Carl?  the slower, more appreciative way I look at and move in the world – the sense that I am really connected to the above and below?  the sense of acceptance and possibility I feel with my Lab friends in our community calls, where humor and wisdom pour out and fill me?

This work is a daily, nurturing, vital lifeline in all these ways, from my very first guided meditation in April in the first dark days of the shutdown, after which I gushed, “Oh WOW! Being part of this Embodiment Lab is the BEST thing I could do for myself, for my family, for my community, and for the world, right NOW.  I've just finished these 24 minutes and feel a warm, loving, hopeful glow of love and of healing and of peace, and even, better, I feel a sense of optimism for the future.”  Every video, every movement lesson, every call has revealed myself – physical, emotional, spiritual - to myself.  Almost every encounter has resulted in a breakthrough of some sort that showed up just in time.

Over my months in the lab, Erin and Carl have taught me to be brave – to not fear or cover up the pain in my aging, injured body, but to gently admit and question the presence of pain, to gently work with, not against the tender places, being kind as with a beloved child.  And they have taught me to appreciate this glorious body that is home to my spirit; no more do I shame my belly or grumble at a pain in my hip.  I’m much more respectful and thankful for the lifetime of experiences this body has provided me.

My most recent revelation was in the movement lesson just last week that worked with the pain I’ve feared the most – my “troublesome” low back.  “I worked slowly through . . . pausing the audio from time to time . . . I felt pain in my sacroiliac joint, but I didn't run away!  I paused the audio, continued exploring slowly, lifted my left leg further away from my hip joint and pointing my knee to the left - "How is it here?", more left, then the right, "How is it here?" and right.  I could pinpoint exactly the place of irritation and nerve pain; I could SEE the SI joint in my mind and the compressing and lengthening of that spot that joined my L1 to my pelvis as I manipulated all the parts.  It was wonderful!  I so appreciate . . . this Embodiment Lab for opening up this mysterious, painful part of my body and empowering me with knowledge and practice that ends my victimhood.”

I’m not sure what state I’d be in if I hadn’t been part of the Lab community over the past 5 months.  In these difficult, stressful, uncertain, changing times, I know I would be worse off.   The Embodiment Lab has been and continues to be, the antidote for troubled times, both personal and global – it is the BEST thing I can do for myself, my family, my community, and for the world, right NOW.

Sharon Ellsworth Nelson, Salt Lake City, Utah

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I started with the Embodiment Lab because I was curious about Feldenkrais.  I had heard good things about it, but knew very little.  I thought I would just check it out a few times and then probably drop it.  The funny thing is that curiosity is what Feldenkrais is all about!  I started because I was curious about Feldenkrais, and then I became curious about the way my hips move, and about the clunkiness in my neck when I roll my head from side to side, and every other part of my body, and my body as an integrated whole.
  I meditated for years, but find that the level of awareness required to notice the subtle difference in session when I rotate my pelvis with a relaxed jaw versus clenched jaw is taking my mindfulness to a whole new level.  I'm absolutely falling in love with having this level of awareness of the sensations in my body, and how my body works together most joyfully as an integrated whole.
Since this is my first time studying Feldenkrais, I'm going on and on about how much I'm enjoying studying Feldenkrais (and I could go on and on further), but I haven't commented on the Embodiment Lab itself.  I don't know what it would be like to a Feldenkrais lesson in person, but I love the format of the Embodiment Lab.  I love the flexibility to do the lesson at a time that is convenient for me, and if I am enjoying a particular movement, I can pause the recording and keep exploring it.  Even though it is recorded though, I love that there is a lesson for the week, as I think if I could just access a database of lessons I would get overwhelmed, not know where to start and never do it.  The format, and length of these lessons makes it perfect for me to actually do them.  And when I do "fall behind", I don't feel like I'm missing something, I just do more lessons for a bit until I catch up.  Plus, the live calls and the comments on the lessons give a sense of community and a space for asking questions so that I'm not just doing lessons in isolation.
Finally, obviously the absolute best part of the lessons is Erin and Carl.  Their infectious enthusiasm and curiosity about the movement of the body keep me coming back.  They have an impressive depth of understanding of anatomy, kinesiology, spirituality, and social justice which they weave into the lessons in a strikingly beautiful way.  Even though I have yet to meet them in person, I feel deeply connected and seen by them.  They offer clear explanations and guidance, while leaving plenty of space for my own experience and explorations.
Putting all of this together, I am so glad that they decided to create the lab, and that I decided to be curious about Feldenkrais.  Being part of the lab has been life-changing.  Getting an embodied sense of, for example, making a movement less effortful and more joyful, has spilled over into many other aspects of my life.  Embodying a new relationship to my pelvis has spilled over into changing my relationship with certain people in my life as well.
And literally, I could go on....but those are the highlights.
Linda Raven, Indiana
Radical Life Coach
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As a full-time bodyworker in a remote, rural area, my clients frequently ask me, "Who takes care of YOU?" The answer is, I do with the help of Erin and Carl. Rolling around on the floor on my back, softly and gently being guided into a more and more open and patient (I am not, by nature patient) relationship with my body, saves me every time I do it.
As Carl reminds me to breathe into my low belly--a place of life!--and Erin invites me to allow the Earth to take my weight, my sad, knotted, spasming back begins to release. And as I drop slowly and more deeply into a sense of my own body's connection with the earth, my tangled emotions (I have SO MANY emotions!) begin to have a little more space around them and a home to settle in, to come to ground in...and then things don't feel quite so hard.
I also suffer from chronic illness and pain and so I have even more reason to be deeply grateful for this work. Even though it would be wonderful to work in person with Erin and Carl, and I have LOVED doing that in the past, because of where I live, in-person classes would be nearly impossible for me to attend, so I am particularly grateful for the online medium they have worked so hard to create. So much love and care has gone into creating these month-long Embodiment Lab lessons; between the group calls, the online chats in response to lessons, the gentle invitations to focus my attention here and not on other screens, the embodied guided meditations, I am left feeling that even though we are all practicing far away from each other, I have a sense of intimacy, community and connection.
Practicing home alone can be challenging! Hard to focus, hard to set aside the time. It really helps to have a friendly guide for the journey into my body. Guides that remind me to be easy with myself, remind me that if my attention wanders its "no biggie" and I can always come back, and guides that invite me to feel the support of the ground, I am not alone, I do not have to do all the work...mmmmmm, I am right here. Thank you, my dear friends and teachers!
Jessica Frogley, LMT, Boulder, Utah
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