Center for Embodied Living

Center for Embodied Living

Welcome to our online home-base!

Center for Embodied Living is both the name of our space – the center where we see clients…

And also an invitation:

To come to your center and discover embodied living.

Right in this very moment, can you sense your breath moving your belly, even below your navel?

Can you sense your presence, and the life that’s here in this pelvic-belly center?

It’s your center of gravity, and your physical mid-point as a human being, and a powerful energetic center.

Can you also sense the center of your chest?

Heart, lungs, and feelings – it’s alive in there! And it’s another important center.

Can you sense your center line – from the center of your pelvic floor and all the way to the center of the top of your head?

Another way to find center.

Could you have some awareness and presence in all 3 of these simultaneously?

Your belly, your heart, and your center line all through your middle and including your head?

And also sense the world around you? It’s a taste of embodied living.

Welcome home. :)

As you explore our site you’ll find info about us and what we offer both in person and online.

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We hope you find some useful tools and some juicy inspiration here too.

Welcome! We’re so happy our paths have crossed.


Erin & Carl

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