Tai Chi and Natural Movement

in the Park 2021

Greetings friends, this is my 21st year teaching this class in the park, and it the most excited I’ve ever been about the class. After more than a year of the pandemic with distancing, stress, loss,   and too much Zoom and sitting. I look forward to being in community in the park and moving in the most enlivening ways!

This 12-week intro to Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and natural movement will be held in beautiful Lindsey Gardens at 7th Ave and N Street, begins Thursday, June 10th from 6-7:15pm. Space will be limited, so sign up soon if you would like to join us!

Cost: $250
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This introductory class will explore the rich world of Tai Chi and qi gong practice through the changing seasons in Lindsey Gardens, the lovely, quiet, public park at the top of N Street in the Avenues. A unique and rewarding approach to learning Tai Chi includes qi gong practices, along with Feldenkrais and natural movement explorations.


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We are living in challenging times, and for many of us, the bodily stress we are carrying has increased in the last year.

The tai chi principles and embodied practices can be so helpful in learning to release unnecessary tension, and grow the somatic elements of resilience, and deepen our embodied, relaxed, alert presence as we move through our lives.

Some of the questions we will explore are:

How do I discover, and continually return to, a vital, nourishing, living connection with the ground?

Can I deepen the support, mobility, alignment and presence in my legs?

Can my spine be dynamic, powerful, supportive and free?

Can I learn to bring warmth, curiosity and friendliness to the places I hold tension?

Can I move in the world in a way that has a quality of grace, self-respect, power and integrity?

Can I maintain a connection to my own center without disconnecting from the world around me?
Can my breath be free, spontaneous, uncontrived?
Can I learn to inhabit and move from the vital center of the lower belly, known as the tan dien, or hara?

Can I be less stuck in my head, and learn to inhabit my whole body?

Can I grow my capacity for resilience, and how I respond to challenges?

Class will begin Thursday, June 10th, and will continue on from 6-7:15 pm for 12 weeks.

                                                                                           Cost: $250

Class size is limited this year, so reserve your spot if you would like to join us!

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