Welcome to Tai Chi in the Park 2018!

Dear friends,
Thank you for signing up for tai chi in the park this summer, I look forward to beginning Monday, June 4th. We have an awesome group of people coming together for this class. Several people who have taken the class before, wonderful new folks, and a few that I am excited to meet next week. There are still a couple spaces open if you know anyone who would like to join us for the class.

I love a line about teaching that resonates with how I approach this class: "Going an inch wide, and a mile deep"

This is an introduction to the art of tai chi, and my aspiration is that we cover about two or three inches over the summer, but go deeply enough into it that you could keep harvesting from it for the rest of your life, whether or not you continue the practice of tai chi.

Much of this class for me is about exploring how to bring the principles of tai chi, and embodied movement alive in our everyday life, and I look forward to sharing that exploration with you.

A few details on class:

We meet at 6pm the top of N st, where it meets with 7th Ave. There is parking along 7th, or in the cemetery.

If it is sprinkling, we will get a little wet, if it is cold and nasty, we will cancel class, and add on a make-up class. I check in with the weather and will send an email out before class if we have to cancel for rain.

There will be two make-up classes, as most people travel during the summer and have to miss a few classes. I set up this class knowing that most people will have to miss some classes- so we keep returning to explore the basic principles of tai chi and embodied presence and movement from many angles, but we do it in a way that you wont feel left behind if you miss a few classes.

Please wear comfortable clothes for movement. Some people go barefoot, some wear shoes. In general, having a shoe with less support (as long as it is still comfortable) is helpful.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions,
Looking forward,


Qigong is a way of being.
Being soft, yet strong.
Qigong is a way of breathing.
Breathing deeply, yet calmly.
Qigong is a way of standing.
Alert, yet relaxed.

~Nigel Mills

As the practitioner incorporates the quality of tai chi movement into his life, he finds that he stops banging into things. The result of not falling into each step provides the opportunity to instantaneously ease back from unexpected barriers. ~Wolfe Lowenthal