an afternoon deep dive into Restorative Yoga
with Erin Geesaman Rabke
at the gorgeous new home of Vitalize Studio
3474 South 2300 East #12 Salt Lake City, UT 84109
Saturday July 30th 1-5:30pm

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Cost is $85

Join me for a powerfully refreshing afternoon of guided practice in Restorative Yoga. I continue to be stunned by the power of this simple, quiet practice to create healing and positive change in body and mind.
Sometimes I begin a little stressed or with that kind of tired that coffee can’t touch – and after even a short practice of resting in these supported postures, I can hardly believe how much better I feel!

I would love to create a space for you to dive in and harvest the deeply nourishing benefits of this practice. 

The postures are designed to

  •  be deeply comfortable and supportive
  • help you feel grounded and centered
  • gently create a feeling of openness and spaciousness throughout your body
  • improve circulation to all your body’s tissues
  • replenish your body and mind and
  • leave you humming with a vitality that is deeply at ease
I’ll also be including readings of some favorite poetry that will seep into your system like water into dry ground, nourishing your roots with beauty and inspiration. I’ll also include some brief, gentle, organic movements to help your system unwind.Escape the heat and come into the spacious and beautiful studio for an afternoon of deep rest.
You will be so glad you did.

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Please note: Buying a spot in this class is like buying a concert ticket. If something comes up and you can’t attend, you’re welcome to sell your spot but we don’t offer refunds. Thanks for understanding!