Embodiment Matters
Embodiment Matters is an ongoing, rich conversation about what it really means to be embodied, and why and how embodiment matters so much in our daily lives and in our world. Our guests include wise and insightful teachers from the realms of somatics, Buddhism, meditation, social justice, psychotherapy, movement arts, bodywork, martial arts, neuroscience, environmentalists, indigenous teachers,​ and more. 
In our conversations, we explore a wide range of topics around waking up and being embodied, and offer guided practices to help return to your embodiment as a source of wisdom, guidance and intimacy with life. 

Our Latest Episodes

A Conversation with Erin and Carl

In this episode, Erin and Carl speak with each other about embodiment, about why it matters, and explore many topics including their journeys into the realms of learning and teaching somatic work, the connections between…

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