Pause: A Mini Retreat


On January 5th, from 1-5:30pm, I’m so happy to offer a mini-retreat to greet the New Year with our roots deep in the beautiful here and now so we can begin 2019 with

  • a grounded body,
  • an open heart,
  • a clear mind,
  • courageous vision,
  • and abundant kindness.


Let’s create a clearing and spend an afternoon listening deeply to our hearts and guts, listening to what is longed for in our inner and outer lives in 2019, and listening to what Martin Shaw calls “the breathing flank of this dreaming animal,” Earth.

We’ll spend time in supportive ways:

  • silence,
  • moving our bodies in nourishing ways,
  • writing,
  • listening,
  • contemplating,
  • and imagining

all in an environment of abundant, courageous kindness.

Just watch life bloom from that fertile soil!


$100 tuition includes the retreat, worksheets, delicious snacks, and special gifts. I’m so excited!

Read our cancellation policy and register here. 
Spaces are limited!