Working with Carl 1:1

Meet Carl RabkeIn my private practice, I have an extraordinary set of tools to offer and am deeply grateful for the teachers, mentors, and traditions that have helped me develop my skill with them.

My practice draws primarily on The Feldenkrais Method, developed by Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais and Structural Integration, developed by Dr. Ida Rolf. Both are incredible methods, and in my experience, are unparalleled in terms of helping you to get out of pain, to become more at-ease in your body, to reduce likelihood of injury, to feel lighter, and to improve the way you do everything you do. Seriously.

All of these great benefits are essentially side-effects of the main point: Coming home to inhabit your body, to experiencing a sense of wholeness and integrity, and to recovering your ever-present capacity to learn. Feldenkrais and Structural work are brilliant for helping to recover these skills.

Another primary stream in my work is The Embodied Life , developed by Russell Delman. The Embodied Life work stands on three legs: Embodied Movement, based on the Feldenkrais Method, Embodied Inquiry and Self-Reflection based on Focusing and other neurologically based inquiry practices, and Embodied Meditation, based in the Zen practice of Shikantaza or “just sitting.”

For me, the path of embodiment opened simultaneously with the path of meditation and waking up as a human being. They have always been essentially one path. Waking up in the body is waking up in the world.

In my private practice, I strongly encourage clients to work at home between our sessions with lessons I’m happy to provide. These powerfully deepen and integrate the hands-on work we do together.

Read more about Feldenkrais, Structural Integration and Embodied Life.

My rates are as follows:

$130 per session

A series of 5 sessions is $600

A series of 10 sessions is $1200

You can reach me at Carl {at }bodyhappy {dot} com or 801-671-4533.

I look forward to working with you!


Working with Erin 1:1  DSC_4012-2

(Please note: I’m not currently accepting any new clients into my private practice. I’ll let you know if that changes. Thanks for understanding. We have many online offerings for you. Or work with my amazing husband!) 

Right now the one way to do private work with me is through my Embodied Life Deep Dive Mentoring. While this is one of my favorite things in the world to do, I only offer a limited number of spaces a few times per year, February-May and September-December.

Embodi Mentoring: A Deep Dive with Erin Geesaman Rabke (that’s me!)

Somatic Naturalist & Embodiment Mentor, Embodied Life Teacher & Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner®, Community Grief & Praise tender and Facilitator of The Work That Reconnects

Embodiment is life, in all its complexity.

In our work together, we might dive into working in a very “body” and movement-oriented way, honing your relationship with your own movement habits and patterns to allow them to become more sustainable, graceful and efficient, less painful and less rooted in domination and “fixing.” 

We might dive into an embodied inner listening/inquiry practice, which invites a deep slowing down to explore what’s emergent for you – the questions, the struggles, the inner knowings, your wovenness with the world around you. Your body carries all of this and so much more. Learning to relate in a respectful, inquisitive way allows us to take our inner-body as a teacher for the rest of our lives. Learning this skill is a priceless gift. 

We might work with practices to nurture embodied presence in daily life. I have a wealth of micro-practices to help sustain and return to embodied presence in a busy world. 

We might work to support your capacity to welcome the grief you carry, to tenderly court the genius that is often hidden behind the wound, while also increasing your capacity to be permeable to beauty and gratitude.

We might work with embodiment practices to help you meet these times of uncertainty and change – the great unraveling of ecosystems and cultural structures – to find your unique way of participating in the great turning toward a more life-sustaining way of being a human on Earth.

You might be interested in all of this or just one facet.

I’m open to using my skills in the best way I can to support your current intentions and aspirations. There’s no right way – only the way we’ll discover together, rooted in your real life.

Let’s begin.

What is it, you ask?

It’s a focused partnership to deepen your embodied relationship to self and world in an intimate, respectful, way. It’s encouragement to step out of the all-too-common model of domination and aggression.

It’s a commitment, it’s a journey, and it includes growing your embodied presence, nurturing your compassionate heart, unfolding your bodily wisdom, and tapping your wealth of inner resources.

While for local clients, our 1 on 1 work together will likely include hands-on Feldenkrais work, for those from afar we will do the embodied work via expert verbal guidance via Zoom. I incorporate all my skills, drawing from my vast repertoire of tools and 25+ years of training in and teaching somatic practices, embodied mindfulness, and really smart, neurologically savvy tools in an anti-oppressive framework aimed at liberation for you and all of life, dedicated to supporting thriving life in and around you during this time of breakdown in nature and culture.

For whom? For brave adults on a path of awakening, ready to dive deep into embodied living, and for those who know that “body work” is really whole-person, whole-life work that interweaves with the whole world.

When? 6 sessions of inspired 1:1 support begins when we set our first session date. (I recommend starting in February/March or September/October.)

Where? We’ll either meet at my SLC office or over zoom if you’re not local. (or if covid keeps having its way with us.)

What? 6 sessions of personally tailored support for your living a more fully embodied life. We’ll include your body, your movement patterns, your habits, and your inner life with a powerfully effective and integrative approach. Includes a total of 6 sessions+ resources for your personal use at home – including a personalized selection of previously recorded Embodiment Labs to support your integration at home and for as long as you’d like to access them.


Embodied Movement practices & brilliant Feldenkrais lessons improve your ability to move with greater ease & power + offer reliable ways to grow your grounded centeredness and fully inhabit your body + resolve somatic “problems” and pain while reappropriating your inner authority and deeply befriending yourself in a non-conceptual way;
Embodied Inquiry allows us to partner with your inner wisdom & your wealth of inner resources to hone ways of accessing your own wise inner guidance;
Embodied Meditation allows you to grow your awareness, presence, wisdom, sanity & ability to embrace life.

Embodying the Great Turning is often a natural outcome and evolution, understanding that true wellness comes from finding a way to feed that which feeds us and to support thriving life possibilities for future generations.

Why? You’re ready for powerful change. Ready to live as you know you would if you could. Because the world needs you at your best and the world needs your gifts. Why wait?


Different than working with a life coach, the effects go much deeper as we include and integrate this work into your body.


Your attitudes and your posture? Totally connected.

The pain spots in your body and how you relate to yourself and the world? Yep. Connected.

The feeling that life is hard and the way you move more effortfully and less gracefully than you might like? Totally connected.

The grief and overwhelm you feel when you consider the state of the world? Absolutely connected with your experience of embodiment.  We’ll include that, for sure. 

And it’s all totally workable, changeable, and powerfully educational! It might be beckoning you into a far more beautiful life. 

Different than working with the body alone, as with a massage therapist or personal trainer, we integrate what’s coming up in your body with the rest of your life, including your intentions for how you want to live.

It’s such powerful stuff. I can’t wait to share it with you!!!!
A year from now, one thing is certain. You’ll be a year older.

  • Will you be working with the same struggles?
  • Will the tired approach of “fixing yourself” still be having its way with you?
  • Will you still be living mostly in your head?
  • Will you still relate to your body like an object or a foreign country which you take out for exercise or for which you need someone else’s help to fix?
  • Will you be moving more or less gracefully?
  • Wil you be embodying more or less kindness, efficiency and power?
  • Will you be more bravely friendly with all parts of yourself or will you have a continuing battle within?
  • Will you be more centered and grounded or more scattered and overwhelmed?
  • Will you seek wisdom outwardly or turn inward when you seek wise counsel?
  • Will your inner life still not feel as coherent as you know it could be?

You get good at what you practice.



I’d love to share a fresh and powerful approach with you.

If having me as your personal mentor sounds like a great fit, contact me and we’ll roll from there.

(Read more about Feldenkrais, Embodied Life , Grief Tending, and The Work That Reconnects or read about me here.)


If you’re interested in exploring a deep dive into your body/mind/life, embodying your inner authority and bravely befriending all of it, I’d be delighted to explore the possibility of our working together.

Read what people have shared about this work here. 


Right now I’m working with clients on Friday afternoons, February-May and September-December. If you’re interested in diving in, just email me and I’ll send you an intake form with some questions to make sure we’re a great fit for each other. If you’re local, our time can include hands-on Feldenkrais work. If you’re out of town, we can meet on skype or zoom and work in that format. It’s fun. Powerful. Relaxing, enlivening, and possibilitizing.


A note: I’m notorious for answering questions with questions. Why? Because I respect the hell out of you. I believe I can be most helpful when I support you to access your own answers. This isn’t a vague thing…. a skillful question at the right time and with the right kind of support for integration can unlock an inner inquiry process that can change everything.

I work best with people who are open to learning new perspectives, who appreciate being invited to take both more responsibility and have more respect for themselves and their world; and with people who understand that “bodywork” is inevitably (if it’s to be effective) whole-person and whole-life work. If you’re not really oriented toward a growth path and are longing for someone to just “fix you” without your having to engage much or change? I can say with confidence that I am not the one for you.


Everything I do is rooted in kindness and respect. (I promise to respect you, and I promise to invite you to seriously deepen your kindness and respect for yourself.) My work is rooted in getting intimate with your own body/mind/life. It’s rooted in presence and awareness and my deep respect for your human freedom. Without being rooted in this soil of kindness, clarity, presence, and respect, you won’t be liberated from your stuck places in a lasting way and whatever work you do may even have harmful side-effects. A promise: We won’t be giving any fodder to your inner critic when we work together.


I love to with people who resonate with this integrated approach. The work may challenge you. Certainly, it will ask you to learn, to change, and to feel yourself with greater intimacy than before. When we dive deep together, magic can happen. And even after working with people for so many years, it still blows me away. Every time. If you’d like to claim one of the spots in my practice and experience mentoring in this vein, I’d love to hear from you!


My 1:1 Mentoring Programs can be started in February/March or September/October. I invite you to schedule sessions roughly every other week – though sometimes that’s not possible with travel schedules and so forth. Once the commitment is made to dive in, I’ll send you a link where you can schedule all your sessions using my online scheduler and calendar. The first session is usually about 90 minutes long, and subsequent sessions are 60-75 minutes. I invite you to reserve some time before each session to reflect and get clear on your intentions and I also invite you to reserve some time after (15 minutes or more) for integration of the session. Sometimes people like to journal or take notes on their insights or homework suggestions, or simply digest the session by taking a walk. I find bracketing the session with intentional time before and after makes it far more powerful.


If you’d like to apply for a spot to work with me one on one, please email me at erin(at)embodimentmatters.com and we can go from there!