Poetry Retreat


Want to join me for a month of poetry?

A daily mini-retreat into beauty and soul-nourishment?

A few weeks ago, in a piece of writing I shared, I found myself saying that I wanted to read at least as much poetry as I was reading news. It's been amazing! It is saving my sanity. It's soul food, it's necessary ballast to keep me afloat, it offers a reminder of the deeper truths and the importance of simple moments.

Just for fun, during the month of April, (which happens to be National Poetry Month), I'd love to invite you to join me in reading and reflecting on a beautiful poem each weekday.It will be a simple online course, full of beauty and much-needed soul-nourishment. There will be no dissecting of poems and extracting intellectual meanings. Simple reading of a beautiful piece, an invitation to notice how your heart resonates, and an option to comment if you like. Short and sweet and soul-healing.

Each weekday from April 2 - 27th, I'll share a current favorite poem with you. (That'll add up to 20 poems.) Knowing me, I might not be able to help myself from sharing a few extras! I'll post a written poem and a link to me (or someone else) reading the poem to you.

You can keep your participation as simple as just reading (or listening to) a poem each day, or you might take some time to reflect, comment, and interact with other participants about the ways the poem touches you.

You don't need to be anywhere at any certain time - the poems will be there for you to interact with at your own perfect timing.

Poetry over morning coffee? On a lunch break? Before bed? It's totally up to you.

You might even like to join me and do a brief writing in response to the poem. The course and poems will remain available for at least a year. All you need is an internet connection. You can participate from anywhere in the world.

Reading poetry is something I do regularly and I'd so love your company in relishing it!

Even in the midst of a crazy day, a few minutes spent reading a poem can be as nourishing as pausing to sip a cup of your favorite tea, watching its steam curling in a sunbeam.

It can be as delight-full as a walk in the woods, refreshing all your senses.

And importantly, it can be a healing balm for the hardness and heaviness of heart which is so contagious these days. 

It's just $50 and you can sign up here. 
Please read my cancellation policy before you do.