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Welcome to our online learning area. We offer regular online courses which we'd love for you to join! Some you can do on demand, and some are offered live. Scroll to the bottom for some simple movement lessons which you can download.

15 Fantastic Feldy Lessons with BodyHappy.com

Introducing: Fifteen Favorite Feldy Lessons. 
We had an inspired lunch date at a Thai restaurant as we planned it out, each of us writing down our favorite fifteen lessons between bites of green curry. We knew we’d have some common choices, but wow – we kept being inspired by one another’s choices, saying, “Oooooh, we need that one too!”

As beloved poet, Mary Oliver wisely wrote,

"You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves." 

We’re sooooo excited! Join anytime and delight in these potent, gentle movement lessons anytime you like.

We are thrilled to share our newest online offering:

Introducing: Fifteen Favorite Feldy Lessons.  We had an inspired lunch date at a Thai restaurant as we planned it out, each of us writing down our favorite fifteen lessons between bites of green curry. We knew we’d have some common choices, but wow – we kept being inspired by one another’s choices, saying, “Oooooh, we need that one too!” So, this shall be part one of a two-part series of our favorite Feldy lessons.  We’re sooooo excited! We’ve created what we think is a great format that is user-friendly and will support you in integrating the embodied learning from the movement lessons into your daily life. We’ll help you to do just this with encouraging embodied inquiries and friendly self-awareness prompts to make your everyday movements much more mindful, pleasurable, and efficient. Over 8 weeks, this class will include:
  • Fifteen 30-40 minute audio recordings of some of our favorite guided Feldy lessons which you can do anywhere. You just need an internet connection and a comfortable place on the ground. For one lesson you’ll need a firm chair to sit on, and for many of them you may like a blanket or mat on the floor for your comfort.

  • Twice weekly mindful movement inquiries that follow the movement lessons to help you integrate the powerful changes you’ll experience in your body and your movement into your daily life.

  • Brief experiential anatomy lessons to help you see/feel/sense your body with greater clarity.

  • Inspiration for your ongoing learning and everyday improvement.  We are genuinely thrilled by this work and our enthusiasm is contagious. We intend to leave you enthralled by your own resilient body-mind and wowed by your profound capacity for learning at any age.

  • All the materials will be hosted in a user-friendly online class forum (Ruzuku) and you’ll be able to download all audio recordings to a device of your choice.

This course will be great for you if:
  • You’d like to do Feldenkrais lessons more regularly without having to leave your home
  • You’d like to learn to move in ways that are more sustainable, enjoyable, and efficient for your body as a whole
  • You’d like to grow or deepen a mindfulness practice to include your body and your everyday movements
  • You’d like to feel better and experience less pain, strain and effort and more ease, pleasure, and wholeness
  • You’d like to grow a new, non-objectified relationship with your body
  • You want to learn to trust yourself more deeply
  • You’d like to learn to enjoy slowing down to the speed of life
  • You want to befriend yourself and embody lovingkindness
  • You’d like to make more room for YOU in your body, and less room for outdated habits of tightening, shortening, and deleting yourself
  • You’d like to improve your brain’s map of your body
  • You’d like to grow your attentional flexibility
  • You’d like smart ways to embody and practice positive neuroplasticity - changing your brain and your body for the better no matter how old you are
  • You’d like to grow a new, compassionate, life-giving relationship with your aches and pains
  • You’d like to more fully inhabit your body
  • You’d like to breathe with more ease
  • You want better posture without self-criticism and painful effort
  • You’d like more flexibility
  • You’d like to feel more centered, grounded, and whole
  • You’d like to release tension in your jaw, back, neck, shoulders, hips, feet, spine and more!
  • You’d like smart and simple practices to reduce or eliminate pain and the liberate yourself from the harmful movement habits that create pain
  • You’d like to feel better and move better for the rest of your life

Join us!

The cost for this 8-week course is just $150, and the lessons are yours to work with forever. 


Please read our cancellation policy and then  Sign up right here. 


Some Things To Do When You Can’t Sleep (instead of stressing out about not sleeping)

A collection of short guided practices from Erin. Download the audio recordings and listen in the wee hours or whenever you need a relaxing, embodied break. Offered with love.


Click the button below to listen to Carl teach an Awareness Though Movement Lesson: “Softening the Chest” at no charge

Basics of Back Care

    1.) Introductions
    2.) ATM lesson. Erin, Connecting With The Ground
    3.) Talk: Principles of A Healthy Back
    4.) ATM lesson. Carl, Opening Breathing Space
    5.) Discussion, Questions, Priciples
    6.) ATM Lesson. Erin, Sweeping Attention With The Breath 7.) ATM Lesson. Carl, Brief Sitting Refreshers

A Good Foundation

    1.) Erin, Introduction and Foot ATM Lesson
    2.) ATM Lesson. Carl, Moving the Sole of the Foot on the Floor.
    3.) Q and A
    4.) ATM Lesson. Erin, Standing Movements
    5.) ATM Lesson. Carl, Bending Legs from The Pelvis.

Your Ribs Aren't a Cage

    1.) ATM Lesson. Erin, Bending to The Side, Awakening The Ribs.
    2.) ATM Lesson. Carl, Bending/ Awakening Ribs part 2.
    3.) ATM Lesson. Erin, Rib Movement on Back and Belly
    4.) Discussion/ Poems
    5.) Carl, Resource Growing: Unconditional Friendliness
    6.) ATM Lesson. Carl, Bending, Bringing Leg Across.