We’re hosting a gathering on the afternoon of Saturday June 27th from 2-6 pm Mountain Time in an online healing community circle. Our intentions is to make room for all that we’re carrying in our hearts and to feel ourselves not alone in it, but held in the heart of a compassionate community.

We deeply believe in the power of an intentional community coming together to practice being human, including movement and stillness, including quiet and connection, including gratitude, grieving, and visioning how we might bring our unique perspective and gifts to co-create the better version of the world we wish to see manifest.

It is important and necessary work that we cannot do alone.

What we won’t do in this gathering is stand in front of you and talk and talk and feed you a bunch of information as if we’re the expert on what you need.

What we will do is invite your fully embodied presence, the wisdom and confusions, blessings and aches, gratitudes and burdens, hopes, dreads, visions, creativity, and unique gifts to come more clearly into awareness and then be shared in community, so you’re not carrying it all alone.

The potent, buoyant power of a compassionate community circle can’t be overestimated! People are always blown away and tell us this is the thing they miss the most between classes, between grief rituals, between workshops. We feel so lucky and blessed by the quality of humans who attend our offerings. In a recent workshop, a new attendee said, “Wow! You have really great students!” We agree. They’re real, authentic, goodhearted human beings. That’s the biggest blessing.

We’re going to hold a space to come together.
We’ll guide an embodied grounding practice.
We’ll begin with sharing the blessings and gratitude and the beauty that is essential ballast for us right now. We’ll do a wonder-circle and an embodied gratitude practice so we can really feel and receive in our bodies what’s *not* wrong.

We’ll take a little movement break.

Then we’ll have an opportunity to slow down, to feel and name and honor what’s heavy on our hearts, and to share about it in a gentle, respectful, kindhearted community. We’ll do a mini virtual grief-ritual together. Then what felt like “my” grief becomes “our grief” and we hold it and feel held, together.

After another little movement break, we’ll pause to take some fresh perspectives on what’s unfolding in our lives and invite clarity to come forth to guide us as we return to our lives at the end.

We’d love to invite you to join us for this unique community gathering.

We’re inviting you to make a donation of any amount to register for this workshop. The only stipulation is that we ask you to be there the whole time. For this kind of work, it won’t do to have folks popping in and out. Space is limited.

You can donate any amount to claim your spot here. 

Once you register, we’ll send you all you need to know to show up for this community gathering on the 27th. We’re so deeply looking forward to it.