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Please Tell Me, What Do You Love?

A note from Erin A few years back, we traveled to Tucson, AZ, to attend a retreat with clinical psychologist and meditation teacher Tara Brach, whom we adore. We were invited to do a particularly touching practice on the final afternoon of the retreat. We each partnered with a stranger and spent 5 minutes each in the following inquiry: The…

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On Getting Good At What We Practice

A note from Erin: Hi friends, I missed writing to you last week. My beloved Carl has been attending a professional training from 9-5:30 weekdays and it’s impacted us in a big way! One aspect is that you’ll just be reading my voice here for the next month or so as Carl completes his current…

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The Best Time to Begin, The Need for Imagining, And A Few Invitations

A note from Erin: Greetings from Cape Cod! Thanks for welcoming us to your inbox. Today, we’re waking up in this beautiful place on our annual visit with Carl’s family. I’m sitting on a breezy porch, watching swift-moving clouds cruise overhead, listening to morning birds and reflecting on a few things I’d love to share…

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