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Some Questions You Might Ask

A note from Erin: Good day, friends! May I offer some living questions? How might you make yourself a wee bit more comfortable right now? Is there some way you could make what you’re doing less effortful and more pleasurable? Are you feeling the support of the ground, this beautiful, living Earth under each of us,…

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Why Feldenkrais?

A note from Erin: Is it worth taking the time to slow down and learn from what poet Hafiz calls “the most insignificant movements of your own holy body?” I believe it is.  I have a lot to say about why this work is important. For starters, here are seven perspectives in answer to the question: Why Feldenkrais?…

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You Are More Than Your Anatomy

A note from Carl Recently, I had a client come in for a first session. She was having difficulty and discomfort in her walking and wanted to figure out how to activate a certain muscle that she thought was at the root of discomfort. This type of request is quite common. Whether from one’s own…

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