Being Stretched, Waking Up, and More

A note from Carl: I wanted to begin with a quote from Mark Nepo that seems to most clearly to capture my sentiments of the last week: “In spite of all that is happening and because of all that is happening, I stand firmly in my belief in the strength of human kindness to overcome…

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The Power of Gratefulness

A note from Erin A note from Erin: This August, I’m happy to be offering a fresh version of my online course, Embody Gratitude. Part of why I love to offer this course is because I see the big magic that happens when we grow our gratitude. I see it in my own life and…

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This is Summer, and a Great Movement Lesson

A note from Carl Greetings Friends, Happy Summer to you! I’m toward the end of my week of solo parenting while Erin is on retreat in California. Always humbling, I offer a bow of awe and praise to all those rockin single moms and dads out there. Ever since Erin introduced this video from her…

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