Enough Is An Inside Job

A note from Erin: So much beauty around here these days… It’s rose season, we got an adorable new kitten, we’re in love with our podcast, we’ve had great retreats in local canyons for Women Embodied and Embodying A New Masculine courses, I got to teach somatic meditation at Cancer Wellness House this week, our…

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The Embodiment Matters Podcast Is Live!!!

A note from Erin & Carl: Friends – after many years in the making, it’s finally here!!! We’re thrilled. Drumroll please…… OUR PODCAST IS LIVE!!! WELCOME TO THE EMBODIMENT MATTERS PODCAST | WAKING UP & BEING EMBODIED Embodiment Matters is an ongoing, rich conversation about what it really means to be embodied, and why and…

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Pausing in This Particular Epoch

Embodying The Masculine 2016

A note from Carl: Recently, Erin and I have been beginning our weeks with a Monday morning inner-listening practice. The practice, which has roots in Focusing and Embodied Life, in one that can be so simple it can be easy to miss the profundity. We sit across from each other on our couches, and while Erin…

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On Being Weird and The Way You Are Called

A note from Erin: Good day! I’d love to share an excerpt I particularly loved from Michael Meade’s book Fate & Destiny: “We are each woven into the common world of time and space, yet we are also secretly tied to things eternal. We each have a foot in time and a toehold in eternity;…

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Our Bodies Know Relationship

It feels like many writings, and most conversations lately, begin with something like: “What times we are living in!” What times indeed. Just consider what realms we are taking in with one day of news headlines. As one of my teachers said in a note earlier this week “These are the times we have been practicing for.” If there…

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