Your Belly is Kind Of A Big Deal

A note from Erin: Hi Friends, I’m sitting at my cozy warm desk, watching shiny little droplets fall off the numerous icicles hanging from our roof. We had such an epic snow day yesterday! Schools were closed for the first time in years, and we gratefully tucked in with all the hot beverages, lots of…

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Initiation, Ripening, and a Free Movement Lesson

A note from Carl: A very Happy New Year to you! To begin with today, we’d like to offer you a guided Awareness Through Movement Lesson, Free Your Breathing, taught by Erin, from our 15 Favorite Feldy Lessons Series. After the holidays who couldn’t use a quiet half hour on the floor cultivating inner spaciousness and free breathing? We have…

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A New Body

A note from Carl: Greetings Friends! After a two-month hiatus, I am back to the newsletter. (Thank you to Erin for covering my weeks.) I just completed an 8-week training in the Structural Integration work of  Dr. Ida Rolf. I’ve been practicing Structural Integration for 16 years, and with each round of training, I fall more…

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