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Why Do Feldenkrais?

Why Do Feldenkrais? by Erin Geesaman Rabke Age gracefully I’m so inspired by my Feldenkrais teachers in their 80s. They continue to improve their movement habits even as they age – just as others their age seem to keep declining. Several years ago, one 80-year-old teacher of ours fell off his mountain bike and fractured his…

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Pay Attention. It’s Passing. Everything is a Gift. Nothing Lasts.

Hello, dear human being, reading these words, wherever you might be… Are you comfortable in your skin? Before you read, can I invite you to take 30 seconds to feel your whole self, notice any tiny shifts you could make that might increase pleasure and decrease tension? Toes, neck, face, hands, shoulders, belly, posture? How about…

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Your Voice Is Missed + A Big Update

 A note from Erin:  Hi friends, Thank you, from my heart, for being a part of our community! There’s a line in a song by Rising Appalachia that I love: “Good people all around me, acting kindly, acting wisely… open your eyes, what do you see?” I’m grateful to see, in addition to heartbreaking news, that…

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The Physiology of Belonging

A note from Carl: Good day! Because we cannot be reminded too often to pause and return to our direct, embodied, sensory experience, as you are reading this, could you take a moment to feel the support of the ground beneath you? Could you open to receive the sounds around you?  What are the smells that…

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Guiding Questions

A note from Erin: these beautiful little seasonal invitations to mindfulness are created by my dear friend at Long ago I fell in love with a beautiful little book called I Will Not Die an Unlived Life by Dawna Markova, (who, serendipitously I got to meet and spend time with during our Embodied Life training years later.)  I…

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