Embodiment Matters Podcast

A Living Body, A Living Earth: A Conversation with Charles Eisenstein

A Living Body A Living Earth A Conversation with Charles Eisenstein

In this powerful conversation, we speak with Charles Eisenstein. Charles is a teacher, author, speaker, deep-thinker, and a good-hearted human being who asks great questions. His work challenges many of the deep stories and narratives that modern culture holds around economics, the environment, masculinity and more. His books include Sacred Economics, The More Beautiful World…

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Creativity, Embodiment, and Healing: A Conversation with Karen Wallace

In this episode, we playfully explore the territory of embodiment and creativity with Karen Wallace, M.Ed. BCATR. We speak about trauma, creativity, play, making things, and so much more. This conversation was so personally enriching for me!  Karen has a wealth of knowledge and experience in working with people of diverse backgrounds and ages. She’s written…

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Mythic By Nature: A Conversation with Micheal Meade

Embodiment Matters Featuring Michael Meade

Michael Meade is a renowned storyteller, mythologist, writer, scholar, and teacher. He has written several great books including The Genius Myth, Fate And Destiny, and his newest book, Awakening The Soul: A Deep Response to A Troubled World. Michael’s teachings are unique, poetic, mystical, offered with a New York accent, and flash of scrappy, bad-ass,…

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The Case For Elderhood: A Conversation With Stephen Jenkinson

In this episode (our longest yet, and worth every minute!) we have the great pleasure to speak to the inimitable Stephen Jenkinson. Stephen is a teacher, author, storyteller, spiritual activist, farmer and founder of the Orphan Wisdom School. In this conversation, we explore topics such as how to strengthen your “wonder muscle,” what it means…

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A Conversation with Diane and Don St. John

Embodiment Matters Featuring Dr. Don and Diane St. John

In this episode we talk with Don & Diane St. John. Diane is a somatic counsellor, coach and Continuum Teacher. Don is a somatic-relational psychotherapist, Continuum Teacher and author. We explore many topics related to embodiment and relationships. We speak about growing a somatic practice, about cultivating spaciousness, about investing in your own embodied awareness…

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