Good Questions & Widening Circles

Please bear with my stream of consciousness post: This week, Carl gifted me a birthday treatment at a local spa, a place which, of course, is mainly available for people of privilege. The treatment that was booked for me was unavailable due to maintenance issues and I was kindly offered a free alternative treatment –…

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A Birthday, What’s Not Wrong, & Looking Into Each Other’s Eyes

 A note from Erin: Before I dive into today’s writing, here’s a reminder of a few upcoming events: Join us for an afternoon Feldenkrais Workshop on Dynamic Transitions October 28th. Details and sign-up link below. Women Embodied: Live and Online – registration will be opening soon. Women Embodied- the online version (which will include weekly live video meetings via…

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The Begging Bowl, The Key, and Some Guiding Questions

A note from Erin:   Twice this year, I’ve had the privilege of being on retreat with wise elder, Deena Metzger. Many people recognize her from this iconic photo from years ago. She’s a tiny and mighty woman with long white hair and a powerful presence. I love her and am so grateful to have her as one…

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Community, Widening Circles & The Three Jewels

the spectacular wildflowers at Albion Basin, Alta, Utah A note from Erin: In the Buddhist tradition, there’s an understanding of where we can turn for reliable support. They are called the 3 jewels, and are understood as a source of refuge from the craziness and suffering of life.  You don’t have to be Buddhist to benefit…

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The Only Heart Worth Having

Trust Your Life: An Embodied Writing Retreat

A note from Erin: I was recently listening to a favorite podcast, Living Myth with Michael Meade, and he quoted this proverb: The only heart worth having is a broken heart.  Ain’t it the truth? (Dammit. It’s true. If only it were about feeling good.) But alas, it’s not. Not anymore. Orienting primarily toward our own…

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