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On My Knees In Awe

A note from Erin:   Hello, beautiful human, 14 years ago, I flew home from our Feldenkrais training in Santa Fe to support a dear friend who was giving birth at home. The labor was more than 50 hours. She chose not to transfer to a hospital, bone-tired as she was. Along with her husband, I was honored to hold…

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Never Not Held

A note from Erin Hi friends, Oh, the freshness of the season. The tenderness of this impermanent, beautiful display. This month, our offerings are almost as abundant as the fall harvest around here! So today, I’d love to share a few poems and then tell you all about the juicy opportunities we’ve got going on in October.…

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The Wealth & Wisdom of Tenderness

A note from Erin Hi friends, I’m writing from the spectacularly beautiful Casa del Sol at Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu, New Mexico. In just a few hours, we’ll begin welcoming the participants for The Way of Tenderness retreat. the heart-shaped labyrinth at Casa del Sol  During my spacious almost 12-hour drive here on Monday, I…

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A Worthy Heart & A Few Reminders

A note from Erin: I’m sitting on my red couch, sipping English Breakfast tea as snow falls outside the window. It’s quiet. We’ve just driven home from a family gathering which has been wonderful and wonderfully not quiet. Our boy is thrilled to be romping around with 3 younger cousins; we’ve enjoyed our traditional holiday meal of…

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Being Served or Being of Service?

A note from Carl: I always love it when a particular theme pops up in several aspects of life. It feels like the muses are knocking, trying to make their way in. This last week, the theme has been about service. A couple of weeks ago, we were speaking with Charles Eisenstein for our podcast.  At one point in the…

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