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Can you imagine bearing witness to your anxiety with great compassion?
Can you imagine meeting your inner critic with deep friendliness?
Can you imagine listening to your longing with a spacious, compassionate presence?

Each one of these layers in our inner lives comes bearing gifts. In the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, there’s an understanding that the inner “poisons” (jealousy, greed, anger, etc.) are each in essence a much-needed wisdom. This practice of bearing witness and Embodied Listening allows us to wade through the weeds of “difficult feelings” and access the inner wisdom directly.

I love love love this practice!! I can hardly imagine my life without it. (Well, I do remember my life without it and let me tell you, I suffered a LOT more.)

It’s a profound practice of self-befriending.
A practice of paying deep attention.
A practice of taking a much-needed pause from all the noise so you can actually hear yourself, without fixing, pathologizing, avoiding, smushing, or advising.
It’s a courageous practice of bearing witness to what is present.

Embodied Listening is done in the company of another who compassionately holds space for you as you listen to yourself.

This is a potent practice of embodied self-compassion as well as a practice of embodying compassion for others. It’s a life-changing and learnable skill which once you learn, is yours for life. It’s research-based, it’s deeply respectful, and it’s profoundly liberating.

This Embodied Listening practice has completely changed my relationship with my own thoughts and emotions. I used to find so many things unacceptable about myself, and I had a lifetime of frustration at not being able to simply make those troublesome things about myself go away so I could be the perfect person I thought I needed to be. This inner listening has helped me bring warmth and kindness to things that trouble me, internally and externally. When treated with kindness, these states can relax and loosen their defensive grip, and maybe even grow and transform in helpful ways. I’ve become a better friend to myself and a better friend to my friends. The capacity to just sit and listen with an attitude of friendliness — without the need to comment, analyze, fix or advise — is such a relief. I also love using this practice to really deeply feel the joy of positive experiences. I highly recommend Embodied Listening with Erin!

—MaryBeth Jarvis Clark


Wouldn’t it be nice to have dedicated time to:

Clear a quiet space in the midst of your busy life so you can hear your true self again.

Learn to meet each layer of your life with radical compassion.
Notice that inside your vast heart there’s enough room for seemingly conflicting opinions (You should! You shouldn’t!) to exist side by side, neither needing to be right, both welcomed to share their perspectives as aspects of your wholeness.

Give your heart and gut a good listening.

Finally end the battles within.


My mentor Francis Weller often says that in soul work, we’re not seeking resolution, but rather spaciousness. We need to root ourselves in the embodied experience of spaciousness – knowing in our bones that we are large enough to welcome all the guests in our inner life, and realizing we don’t even have to take sides.




If you want to learn how to tune into the most reliable personal source of wisdom you will ever have, sign up for Erin’s Embodied Listening course. It takes practice but it’s foolproof and yours forever.

– Nini Rich


We’ll start each week with a brief grounding, relaxing, embodied meditation.

Each week I’ll share a specific lesson to support you in deepening your skills in bearing witness, with kindness, to the many layers of your inner life (as well as to others and the world at large.)

We’ll deepen our grounded sensitivity and hone our skills at articulating our own embodied experience – speaking from our inner lives “hot off the press.”

We’ll practice listening to ourselves and listening to one another with dedicated practice time during class each week.

And we’ll do it all with great friendliness, curiosity, and a warm sense of humor.

I’m so thrilled to share this course!

I wish everyone had access to this skill. While I introduce embodied listening as part of most courses I teach, I find that I always want *more time* so we can go deeper into this profoundly important learning. I’m grateful we’ll have 2 hours during class each week to do just that. You’ll be invited to practice with an assigned partner for an hour outside of class each week, over the phone or zoom. You will be paired with a different partner each week.

I’m also SUPER excited that we are blessed to have the help of some of my long-time students as wonderful teaching assistants who will be bringing their own unique wisdom to the classes and support you to have the best possible experience. 


Embodied Listening helps you liberate yourself from inner conflict and move into inner peace and wholeness.

Embodied Listening helps you to be more compassionate, patient, and present with yourself and others.

Embodied Listening helps you stay rooted in your most adult, spacious, grounded self amidst changing outer circumstances.

Embodied Listening helps free you from the unhelpful habit of fixing or offering unsolicited advice to yourself and others.

Embodied Listening helps you become one of those steady beings who can extend curiosity, compassion, and warmth toward anxiety-producing situations, both within and without.

Embodied Listening helps you to be more tuned into your intuition and inner wisdom.

Embodied Listening helps you to digest your life.

Embodied Listening helps you to find the buried treasure behind your wounds and helps you to harvest more joy from the beauty in your life. 

Embodied Listening makes you more kind.



This class will meet on zoom and size will be limited to support intimate connection.

I’m offering this course at two different times to accommodate our global community and different scheduling preferences:

One class will meet on Mondays from 9-11 am Mountain Time.

One class will meet Mondays from 6-8 pm Mountain Time.

Check your time zone

The course is 8 weeks long and will meet from October 19th – December 7 on Zoom.

Please plan on spending one hour per week outside of class time to practice with an assigned partner.

Recommended tuition is $300 (though you can register for any amount.)

** A NOTE FOR CONTEXT- I’m not offering this class at a pay-what-you-can-rate because I’m rolling in the dough. Pandemic has hit our family’s finances rather hard. I’m offering this pay-what-you-can option so that those of you who are in a state of financial hardship can join the class at an affordable-to-you rate. If you have the means, please pay the full tuition or even consider donating more to support covering scholarship spots. Thank you for your understanding and generosity! **

Please familiarize yourself with my crystal clear cancellation policy

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Your tuition includes:

  • 8 live 2-hour classes on zoom

  • Access to an online classroom where audio recordings of all classes are posted

  • Supplemental resources (including readings and worksheets) to support your practice

  • An invitation to practice with an assigned partner each week, as well as a particular invitation for each week’s practice

  • A private online forum where you can converse and connect with me and others in the class (and it’s not Facebook!)

  • Plus poetry, an amazing community of kind humans, and my wholehearted support.

I wasn’t sure what I was getting into, but I wanted to be open and try something new, knowing listening is such an important skill.  Wow, wow, wow – I quickly learned that the work was inner listening to the subtle sensations of your body and letting them speak to you.  I was blown away by how powerful the practice is and still return to it as a crucial tool for understanding what is really going on in the inner world underneath the loud mind chatter.  Erin and the circle provided such a lovely, safe space to explore the practice and share.  The time for practice both in class and out of class was extremely beneficial.  I highly recommend the course!

– Megan Brown


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The Guest House

by Rumi, Translated by Coleman Barks

This being human is a guest house.
Every morning a new arrival.

A joy, a depression, a meanness,
some momentary awareness comes
as an unexpected visitor.

Welcome and entertain them all!
Even if they are a crowd of sorrows,
who violently sweep your house
empty of its furniture,
still, treat each guest honorably.
He may be clearing you out
for some new delight.

The dark thought, the shame, the malice.
meet them at the door laughing and invite them in.

Be grateful for whatever comes.
because each has been sent
as a guide from beyond.