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Your Intelligent Body: A Conversation with Robert Bosnak

In this episode, Erin speaks with Jungian analyst, dreamworker, and originator of MQ (embodied intelligence), Robert Bosnak. We talk about what embodiment means, about learning from dreams, about animism, about the necessity of taking a multiplicity of perspectives, and toward the end of the episode Bosnak guides us in an embodied exercise working with a…

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Being Served or Being of Service?

A note from Carl: I always love it when a particular theme pops up in several aspects of life. It feels like the muses are knocking, trying to make their way in. This last week, the theme has been about service. A couple of weeks ago, we were speaking with Charles Eisenstein for our podcast.  At one point in the…

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Good News & New Offerings

A note from Erin: Hello, lovely humans. First things first: Are you comfortable? Is your belly soft enough that breath can make its way down? What might like to unclench – your jaw, your neck, your back, your hips, your hands, your toes, your eyes? Can you sense the support of the ground beneath you?…

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A Living Body, A Living Earth: A Conversation with Charles Eisenstein

A Living Body A Living Earth A Conversation with Charles Eisenstein

In this powerful conversation, we speak with Charles Eisenstein. Charles is a teacher, author, speaker, deep-thinker, and a good-hearted human being who asks great questions. His work challenges many of the deep stories and narratives that modern culture holds around economics, the environment, masculinity and more. His books include Sacred Economics, The More Beautiful World…

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Creativity, Embodiment, and Healing: A Conversation with Karen Wallace

In this episode, we playfully explore the territory of embodiment and creativity with Karen Wallace, M.Ed. BCATR. We speak about trauma, creativity, play, making things, and so much more. This conversation was so personally enriching for me!  Karen has a wealth of knowledge and experience in working with people of diverse backgrounds and ages. She’s written…

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