Meet Carl RabkeI believe our bodies are a source of intelligence, satisfaction, guidance, insight and many other nameable and unnamable qualities.

I believe that we can easily become disconnected from our embodiment much of the time. When we are disconnected from our embodiment, we seriously limit our experience of life.

If you compare the amount of time you spend in front of your computer today to 10 years ago or 20 years ago — It’s scary.

How many times a day is your attention magnetized to your phone?

Again, this is very different from 10 or 20 years ago, let alone how humans were 1000 years ago.

The speed of life, the technology, and the amount of sensory information we ingest on a daily basis draw us up and out of our bodies. One computer programmer client described his experience of his body as being “an elaborate platform” to carry his brain, thoughts and ideas around in the world.

Embodiment is not a gift that only some of us have — It is a birthright.

Most of us have embodiment “trained” out of us from a very early age when we go to school. Well meaning teachers force us to squeeze our energy, movement and vitality behind small desks, where we are expected to sit still and narrowly focus on subjects outside of ourselves.

Meet Carl RabkeThen, through the years, we master the art of ignoring what is happening in our bodies in favor of our ideas, preferences, thoughts, jobs, schedules, our families, and our iPhones.

When we are not in our bodies, we limit ourselves on a number of levels. On an outer level, we do not move well.

When we use more effort than is needed in standing, walking, sitting, etc., these activities become a source of strain and tension.

We believe the grunts and aches that come with activities are just “how it is.” We don’t notice the minor imbalances or tensions that can lead to greater injures and chronic tension. Or, perhaps, we think we constantly need to offer a correction to ourselves, — e.g., pull the shoulders back, or suck in the belly, which can be an exhausting and futile way to be with ourselves.

On an inner level, we miss out on huge amounts of information and intelligence. Life always affects us on a bodily level: Conversations we have, news stories we read, and our successes or failures all create a bodily manifestation. It’s what happens in our breath, our chests, and bellies. We often pay little attention to the changes, and focus, rather, on our ideas or thoughts about a situation.

Find Ease in Your Neck and ShouldersThe good news is, no matter how long or how out of touch we are with our bodies, they are always waiting for us when we return.