A Soulful Masculine 

A Live Online Course For Men With Carl Rabke

Begins Tuesday, April 27th, 6-8pm (Mountain Time) 
10 Weeks of Tuesday evenings and 1 Retreat day, Saturday, June 5th, 10-5pm

Space is limited to 16 participants


“The soul has a longing to participate and show up boldly in the world.” – Francis Weller

What is a soulful masculine?

As the saying goes, why ruin such a good question with an answer? Yet it is a question that is worthy of a lifetime of inquiry.

Soul cannot fall into one concise definition, but we can follow its scent, we can tune to the qualities of soul. Likewise, “masculine” cannot fall neatly into one definition, and is in a state of continuous transition as old stories of the masculine fall away, and new ones emerge. We can follow the scent of masculinities, and learn how to be in intimate relationship with the unique flavor of masculinity that shines through each of us. We can track what is being called forth by the world in these times.

A group of men tracking the scent of soul and masculinity together has great potential to benefit this world.


These are intense, initiatory times.

More than a year into a global pandemic, with the backdrop of ongoing challenges we face with climate change, extinction,  violence, and division, there is an urgency that invites a response from each of us. At other times in human history, circles of men would gather in council, in ritual, in order to support each other and the community in fully meeting the call of the times. Many modern men don’t have access to this kind of connection and community, and we need it now perhaps more than anytime in human history.

In this group, we will gather as a temporary village, a circle of authentic, good-hearted men to simmer together in the questions of what it means to be a man at this unique time, and what these times are asking of us as individuals and as a collective.



“Do you think it’s an accident that you were born at a time when the culture that gave you life is failing? I don’t think it is. I think you were born of necessity with your particular abilities, with your particular fears, with your particular heartaches and concerns… I think if we wait to be really compelled by something… something big, well… we’re going to wait an awful long time and I don’t know if the state of our world can tolerate our holding out until we feel utterly compelled by something. I think it’s more like this, that we have to proceed now as if we’re utterly needed given the circumstances…That’s what we’ve got to bring to the challenges at hand, not waiting to be convinced that we’re needed but proceeding as if we are. Your insignificance has been horribly overstated.” – Stephen Jenkinson



This might be a group for you if:

  • You want to be in a community with other soulful men, engaging in fresh, enlivening conversations about topics like masculinity and femininity, race, beauty, power, pornography, grief, eros, wildness, belonging, climate, extinction, initiation and soul.
  • You want to be a part of a group where there is not a movement toward fixing, improvement, or transcending aspects of yourself, but in deepening intimacy, authenticity and wholeness.
  • You wish to digest and reflect on the impacts of the pandemic, and what is being called from you as we emerge into this next phase of life.
  • You have a desire to deepen your embodied presence and have access to the intelligence of your head, heart, gut, and whole body simultaneously. 
  • You want to deepen your capacity to listen – to other men, to your family, to your intuition, to what is calling for your attention in your life and in the world.
  • You have had a longing for more depth, soul, humor, and authenticity in your connections with men.
  • You want to fully inhabit the uniqueness of your own life, and the unique gifts that you bring (which are fortunately, or unfortunately, most often intimately linked to your unique faults, struggles and challenges.) 

The small man

builds cages for everyone

he knows.

while the sage,

who has to duck his head

when the moon is low,

keeps dropping keys all night long

for the


rowdy prisoners.



A foundation of this class will be embodiment.

Just as the movement of soul tends to be downward, so too with embodiment. Learning to drop from the speed of the head down and into our bodies, into our bellies, into living connection with the ground. Each gathering will begin with a Feldenkrais lesson or natural movement exploration. These lessons support us in being more embodied as we speak and listen to each other and also can help grow elements of our embodied presence in everyday life, such as a vibrant connection with the Earth, the length and dignity of the spine, free and uncontrived breathing, a releasing of unnecessary tension and armoring,  access to the freedom and power of the lower abdomen, and more.


How Do I Listen?

Do I
Listen to others?
As if everyone were my Master
Speaking to me



Another main theme of the group will be growing our capacity to listen. Through partner and group practices based in Focusing and Embodied Life, we will grow our skills in how we listen.  How we listen to others, how we can listen for what is fresh, unknown and “hot off the press” as we speak. Also listening to our life, to what needs our attention, to where our blind spots are. Growing our embodied listening can affect everything – how we are with our families, our work, our friends, the check-out person at the store…When you bring a group of embodied men together, listening for what is not yet known as they speak, it is ripe with potential for discovery and insight.

“The importance of being genuinely seen and heard can’t be overestimated. One of the ways that the soul grows is by being seen and recognized. If a man has never been recognized at the soul level, he won’t know who he is in times of crisis and he will feel inauthentic more often than not. If a man has never been heard, he’ll have great difficulty listening to others… In their responses to the mythic stories and as they tell their personal stories, men say surprising things, but you sometimes have to listen hard to hear them. The first piece of learning in this sudden community of men becomes opening the ears to the stories of others.”

-Michael Meade


“True masculine power happens when courage, integrity, vulnerability, compassion, awareness, and the capacity to take strong action are all functioning together. Such power is potent but not aggressive, challenging but not shaming, grounded but not rigid, forceful but not pushy. Again, it requires head, heart, and guts in full-blooded alignment.”  Robert Augustus Masters


In this course, we will create a container that welcomes us showing up in all of our power and potency, all of our grief, vulnerability and self-doubt, as we explore what it is to be a man in these times. 

“I attended the spring 2018 Embodied Masculine, and found it deeply helpful and powerful.  I would usually show up to the class firmly in my mind… worried, harried, caught up in the day-to-day.  Then Carl would take us through a series of meditations, body movements and discussions and almost miraculously I would relax and come into myself.  I don’t know how to describe it except to say that I would feel ‘like me’ again.  And it lasts!  I have continued to use the exercises that Carl taught us and my work has become easier, my love life better, and my overall experience of myself more grounded and peaceful.  I highly recommend this to any man seeking to relax and enjoy his life, to feel good about who he is, and to step into a more powerful, grounded way of being!”  -KC Hildreth, Executive Coach


Classes will include:

  • Movement Lessons (with recordings provided)
  • Guided inquiries, writing explorations, and partner practices.
  • Readings and discussion prompts from Michael Meade, Pat McCabe, Bill Plotkin, Philip Shepard, Malidoma Some, Francis Weller and others.
  • Resource Growing Practices (ways of cultivating the states that we most value)
  • Soulful poetry
  • Time for speaking and listening to one another.

Begins Tuesday, April 27 th 6:00-8pm Mountain Time on Zoom

Retreat Day Saturday, June 5th. 10-5 Mountain

This course is open for male-identified folks of any color or sexual orientation.

Space is limited to 16 participants

One Payment of$500
Two Payments of$250

Also, I have pay-what-you-can scholarship spots for those in need, please email me at carl@embodimentmatters if you would like to apply for one.

Please read our cancellation policy here
Please email carl@embodimentmatters.com if you have any questions.

Looking forward to our journey together,

I’m Carl Rabke. I am a writer, embodiment mentor, community builder, and Feldenkrais and Structural Integration Practitioner living in Salt Lake City, Utah. I also host the Embodiment Matters Podcast with my beloved wife, Erin.

For the last 25 years, I’ve been joyfully dedicated to the study of meditation, embodiment, soul-work and human freedom. I have  facilitated men’s gatherings for over 20 years, and my style of facilitation has been greatly influenced by my teachers and mentors including Francis Weller, Deena Metzger, Michael Meade and Russell Delman.