A Return To Natural Movement

We hope you’ll join us for an enlivening and educational weekend in Salt Lake City!


Join us for A Weekend Feldenkrais Immersion

With Erin Geesaman Rabke and Carl Rabke

“Can you imagine your feelings when you discover that you are an ever-changing live organism, capable of self-correction and advancement for as long as you live? The optimism which accompanies the learning process, people’s enthusiasm when they discover it, as well as their appreciation, are what make this method so attractive, and inspire commitment in both students and teachers.”

– Ruthy Alon on the Feldenkrais Method


Dynamic, Organic Movement

Saturday, July 27th from 1-6pm With Erin

Improving Posture Without Correction

Sunday, July 28th from 1-6pm With Carl

On Saturday, Erin will invite you to explore some of her all time favorite Feldy lessons which involve playful movements that include rolling around on the floor in all kinds of creative, delightful, and sometimes challenging ways.

These lessons reliably leave our students laughing, feeling youthened, shifting from struggle into sudden discoveries of ease and surprising ahas, and being wowed by how profoundly they reorganize the body (and mind) into more efficient, pleasurable possibilities.

They are so much fun! They are also profound teachers of leaning into trusting not our thinking mind’s version of skillful movement. Rather they encourage us to feel and trust our natural bodily intelligence when we can get out of the way and let the soft animal of our bodies love what they love. They do know how to do that, though sometimes they need some enticing reminders.

I can hardly wait to roll around on the floor with you! You’ll be wowed by the potency of these lessons which will leave you feeling youthened, coordinated, powerful, and graceful.



On Sunday, Carl will invite you to explore an approach to alignment and posture that is not based in correction, not based in top-down instructions to your body, but rather in the cultivation of awareness, the discoveries of our invisible habits, and the reclaiming of our intelligent organism’s ever-present capacity for self-organization.

From grandmothers to gym teachers, from online posture gurus to yoga instructors, we have all received a plethora of information on “correct posture.” Draw the stomach in, pull the shoulders back and down, engage the psoas, lift the chin, tuck the chin, stand up straight…

The question is-

Does it work?

Does it hold?

Is it natural?

Is it sustainable?

What happens when you forget to follow the instruction?

When we see the ease of children sitting on the floor, or standing, or running – we could notice that they are not giving themselves a list of instructions to follow. They are not looping or tucking or activating or pulling anything. They are naturally aligned, relaxed, upright, as they have not yet learned the many habits of unnecessary effort and shortening that we have learned as adults.

Often, the corrections we try to impose on our posture become just as much (if not more of) a problem than what we were trying to correct in the first place.

Through the brilliant movement lessons we’ll explore on Sunday, you can experience:

  • the radically different feeling of your shoulders naturally resting back and down without trying.
  • your full, elegant height being revealed without effort, almost by surprise.
  • the discovery that your own embodied awareness is much more intelligent, reliable, sustainable, and surely more enjoyable than any postural correction you could impose on yourself.


Saturday and Sunday
July 27th-28th, 1-6 pm
@ Vitalize Studio
3474 S 2300 E #12, Salt Lake City, UT 84109
Register here.
$95  for Saturday or Sunday
$170 for both days

Please read our cancellation policy before you sign up.