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Archive for February 2019

Your Belly is Kind Of A Big Deal

A note from Erin: Hi Friends, I’m sitting at my cozy warm desk, watching shiny little droplets fall off the numerous icicles hanging from our roof. We had such an epic snow day yesterday! Schools were closed for the first time in years, and we gratefully tucked in with all the hot beverages, lots of…

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Unlearning Normal to Find Natural

A note from Carl: Yesterday, a client was describing her experience in the natural movement and functional fitness class that I began last week. She said “The word that kept coming up for me throughout the whole class was ‘unlearning.‘” I reflected on how essential this observation was to how and what Erin and I teach and what we…

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Hurling Blessings

A note from Erin: Hello, friends! I hope this note finds you having your heart slayed with delight about something, in spite of everything else. Birdsong? Cloudscapes? Someone’s laugh? A stranger’s kindness? A hot shower? A reliable old tree? The tiny pink tongue of a cat? The attentive ears and soulful gaze of a deer? This weekend…

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